Raleigh’s new Modern Toll Road is moving forward – The #540 Outer Beltline plans are back on track

The new Triangle Expressway

Just what is the newest North Carolina modern toll road all about? 

You may remember the Northern Raleigh section which started almost 11 years ago – the #540 or the outer beltline as some refer to it as, opened up the northern loop near Page Road and the Durham/Wake county line and ended at the Knightdale Bypass in Knightdale NC.  Since then it has made it’s way down to Holly Springs NC at the #55 bypass.  Making more than 1/2 of the proposed 70 mile outer loop completed.

Finally word has it that a decision is close concerning when and where the final Southern section will be… 

 Here’s a brief history of the #540 Outer beltline Southern Section:

When the studies first started on how to complete the southern section it became apparent that if the completion was going to be paid for by state funds it wasn’t going to get finished until 2030.  Ouch! 

So in came several Wake County mayors to the rescue ~ they requested that the North Carolina Turnpike Authority (NCTA) study the feasibility of constructing a toll road to complete the rest of the Outer Loop.  They concluded in as early as 2007 it would be financially feasible to build their toll road… so it began.

The southern section or the Western Wake Expressway or Parkway work began August 2009.  Completion and the section to the #55 bypass in Holly Springs, NC opened earlier this year.  But as plans sometimes hit a glitch, the southern section of the #540 hit yet another stall at this point – where was the final section was going to go?

As of the beginning of this month the NCDOT has prepared a Draft Alternatives Development and Analysis Report.  Good that planning is on the road again, but the not so good news is that it will take a lot longer than I thought it would.  Projected completion date isn’t until 2020.  At least that’s a full decade sooner than what was first planned.

So no matter what the powers that be finally decide on where that road will go, I for one am just anxious for it to get completed!  It’ll sure change the real estate market in some areas in the Southern Wake County area like Garner, Holly Springs and Fuquay Varina – making them much more accessible to RTP and the Raleigh-Durham international airport! Might be why we’re seeing such a marked surge in home sales in these area.  I think even Clayton in Johnston county will see a change…

There’s no denying it; once completed the new outer beltline will be terrific!  I’m just glad I got my Quick Pass account all set up ~ I’m ready!