The Capitol Building and Union Square

Raleigh, North Carolina

We love Raleigh, NC and continue to learn new things about this thriving city everyday.  Full of history, let’s take a look at the Raleigh, NC Capitol Building and Union Square…

Some fun tidbits you might not know; Raleigh was established as NC’s capital in 1792.  The now standing North Carolina state capitol was completed in 1840 after a fire burned down the State House in 1831.  Look closely and you’ll notice the influence of the Greek Revival architecture in the pediments, moldings, columns, ornamental plaster-work and the honeysuckle crown dome.   Most of the details in the building were designed to resemble ancient temples in Athens, Greece.

The Capital Building, North Carolina

The columns on the exterior of the NC Capital building were modeled after the Parthenon.  Inside the House of Representatives chambers were designed to resemble a Greek theater.  The interior walls are made of granite which was quarried in southeastern Raleigh, and the interior walls are stone and brick and the weight bearing trusses are still the original wood trusses.

The Capitol which was all constructed by hand, is in the shape of a cross – with the doomed rotunda in the center.  160 feet from north to south, and 140 feet from east to west.  The crown atop the dome Is 97 ½ feet tall.

3 Presidents of the United States from North Carolina

Around the grounds you’ll find monuments honoring the people and events that helped shape the history of North Carolina.  The one included is honoring the 3 past presidents of the United States from North Carolina… James Knox Polk, Andrew Jackson and Andrew Johnson.

The legislature has not met in the Capitol since 1961.  So how is it that the building can still be considered the Capitol building you might ask?   Well… today the governor and lieutenant governor, and their immediate staff, occupy offices on the first floor of the Capitol.

Check out our video for views and more information about the Capitol Building and Union Square area of Raleigh, NC: