Raleigh is #1 Healthiest City for Women

Raleigh Accolade: Named Healthiest City for WomenWomen’s Health Magazine named our very own Raleigh, North Carolina as the #1 Healthiest City for Women in 2012!

Now isn’t this just a delightful and interesting new accolade.. Being proclaimed as the “place with the fittest, happiest females” (wow, now that’s a winning statement wouldn’t you say!) We just can’t help but (humbly of course) brag about this.

What helped Raleigh, NC claim the coveted spot?  … in one word, prevention.  Women in Raleigh are great about getting the regular necessary screenings, and the results of those screenings have been overwhelmingly positive for local Raleigh women.

Healthy Women: Raleigh Accolade

Way to go ladies in Raleigh!

For more info about the top cities for women in 2012, here’s a convenient link to the Womens Health Magazine Article.

Raleigh is #1 Best Place for Business in 2011!

Raleigh Grabs #1 spot on Forbes’ Best Places for Business in 2011!


Provoking a mix of emotions, we’re excited, proud, and grateful to call Raleigh, NC home!  In the midst of the all the economic turmoil, Raleigh, North Carolina ranks #1 Best Place for Business. Now this kind of news will certainly aid in the Real Estate recovery in Raleigh NC!!

Raleigh, NC Accolades


Jumping up in the ranks (last year Raleigh was ranked 3rd), Forbes credits Raleigh’s #1 standing heavily to:

  • Low cost of doing business (sited as 18% below the national average)
  • Smart labor force (42% with a college degree)
  • Had the 2nd highest migration rate in the nation over the last 5 years (Raleigh-Cary is expected to continue to grow as well!)


The industries with a strong local presence leading the pack creating a solid foundation for all Raleigh businesses are; the tech, telecommunications, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.  We’re very fortunate to attract not just one or two lucrative industries but FOUR!  Moving to Raleigh, NC?  You have a plethora of industries to choose from!

If you’d like to read more about Raleigh, NC or see other top cities, check out the full Forbes.com article here.

Raleigh, NC #2 BOOM Town!!! – Forbes.com

Great News Just Keeps Pouring In!!  Raleigh Named the Nation’s #2 Boom Town!


Forbes.com slated Raleigh, NC as the 2nd best city positioned to grow and prosper over the next decade! 

Raleigh, NC AccoladesJob growth over the previous two years (during the recession) was used as a baseline to measure the long-term effects of the recession, weighing in at about 1/3 of the score.  Demographic information was calculated for the remaining 2/3, including growth in educated migration, Raleigh, NC population growth, family formation (not sure I understand exactly how this was measured), and how attractive Raleigh is as a place to grow roots and start a business for immigrants (again not sure what how exactly this was comprised – but love it!)

Raleigh, NC Accolades

In the Forbes.com article, Raleigh, NC was called an Economic Superstar!  Raleigh has job-creation records among the best in the nation, ranks #1 city for families with young children, and offers the attractiveness of affordable housing and short commute times. Raleigh, NC is the perfect place to call Home.

One of my favorite parts of the article stated “People create economies and they tend to vote with their feet when they choose to locate their families as well as their businesses.”

Do you know where YOUR feet would be LOVED?… You guessed it – Raleigh, NC.

 Raleigh, you make us proud.

For more information, check out the Forbes.com Next Big Boom Towns Article.

Raleigh-Cary is the Top Metro Area to see another JUMP in population this decade!


Raleigh-Cary, NC Population is Expected to Jump!


Raleigh NC


Raleigh-Cary, N.C. over the last decade experienced a population surge of about 41.8%!  The U.S. population is expected to rise 8.9% in the next decade.  So what states are expected to be most affected by big growth between 2010 and 2020??  


It comes as no surprise to me that Raleigh-Cary is at the top of the list with an anticipated 35.7% jump according to an article by Inman News!!  


Raleigh NC



I hear folks moving here all the time say they were looking for the best place to raise a family, or the best place to live, or the best place to buy a house.  They found us!


We are so proud of our area and excited to see the continued growth over the next decade, as we have in the last.  Although, I have to disagree with the broker interviewed who quotes in the article that they haven’t “not seen a huge surge in relocation and out-of-town buyers yet”…  YIKES!  


There are a lot of folks moving/relocating to the RaleighCary, Triangle area of North Carolina!!  Call us, it’s what we love to do ~ making connections for you!


And take a look at what Wake County stats say;

Wake County grew by 29,146 people (80 per day) in the last year according to U.S. Census Bureau estimates released in March  2010.


Are there many other counties with that kind of growth?


According to an article by money.ccn.com, researchers estimate that by 2030 about $25 trillion worth of new homes and offices will be built to handle the demand… (that’s more than twice the size of the U.S. economy today)!  


New homes in Cary NC







Where do experts think the majority of this money will be focused??  They’ve narrowed it to 10 regions which were chosen after evaluating growth forecasts and interviewing regional planners, developers and investors.  






One of the regions… ours; Raleigh-Durham (and along the I-85 corridor to Atlanta).  With an expected population increase of about 7 million people, along with an estimated 3.4 million jobs (38% increase), 3.1 million new homes (40% increase – WOW!), and 7.7 million square feet of new office space (a substantial increase of 120%), Raleigh-Durham is slated for tremendous growth!!!… there’s gold in those numbers wouldn’t you say?



Is this the right place (GREAT PLACE) to be?!  We’d say so!!!!


Raleigh Named One of the BEST Places To Buy a Home Right Now!


Raleigh, NC named by Forbes.com as Top 10 BEST Places to buy a home right now.


Congratulations Raleigh, NC for this Prestigious Accolade! 


Raleigh NC Home For Sale, 5 bedrooms


Forbes.com agrees!!  …There are GREAT opportunities for home ownership here in the Triangle Area of NC.


One terrific example of great opportunities to buy a home in Raleigh is on the left!  This gorgeous 5 bedroom, 4 bath Wakefield home is available for $459,000 … it’s a perfect example of one of the great opportunities for home buyers in the Triangle Area.


Right now is a great time to buy a home in the Raleigh area!!

Interested?  Click the photo for information on this beautiful Raleigh, NC home in desirable Wakefield.


To read the article or check out the other top locations you can view the Forbes.com article here.


Curious about what what else is available in the Wake County Real Estate market?  Sorted in alphabetical order by  Triangle area subdivisions and categorized by Wake County Real Estate Areas, below are links to the new listings that came on the market last month:  

If you’re not yet sure where you would like to relocate within the Triangle area, (there are certainly a number of great areas to choose from) take a peek at the new active homes for sale in Wake County, NC.

As always it is so important to have the right resources available at the tip of your fingers when considering Wake County Real Estate.  Just let us know what we can do to help guarantee that your move will be a pleasant experience ~ Welcome to the Triangle!


Very Exciting – Congratulations again to Raleigh, NC for being named One of the BEST Places to Buy a Home Right Now!!

Where’s the most Sustainable Mid-Size Community in the USA? … Why Raleigh, NC of course!



Raleigh-Cary is Nation's Healthiest Housing Market


Raleigh, NC is America’s Most Sustainable Mid-Size Community!


The U.S. Chamber of Commerce awarded Raleigh, NC this pestigious award, beating out 49 other cities that applied in the same category consisting of 50,000 to 500,000 residents. 



There was a ceremony in Philadelphia during a national Chamber conference to honor Raleigh and the other finalists (n. Little Rock, Ark., and Pittsburgh) for the great honor of being named



#1 Sustainable Mid-Size Community



Described by Mayor Charles Meeker, the city is “a careful steward of the environment and has a long-term vision for a prosperous future”.


Recently Raleigh was also named:Raleigh & Cary, NC Accolades


to touch on just a few of the highlights.
We loving living in the Triangle area of NC and are grateful to call Raleigh home Click here for full the article.  Congratulations to all living in or relocating to the sustainable cities on this list!

Raleigh – Cary, NC Named Healthiest Housing Market



Raleigh-Cary is Nation's Healthiest Housing Market


Raleigh-Cary, NC is America’s Healthiest Housing Market!


The Housing Intelligence gave a sneak peak at the 2011 Market Health Report and we are thrilled to report Raleigh-Cary, NC has the great honor of being named



#1 Healthiest Housing Market



The report takes into account home price appreciation, unemployment rates, job and income growth and other factors.  More great news for our area, Durham, NC came in ranking as #4 Healthiest Housing Market – we LOVE living in the Triangle!


Recently Raleigh and Cary, NC was also named:Raleigh & Cary, NC Accolades


to touch on just a few of the highlights.
We loving living in the Triangle area of NC and are grateful to call Raleigh home Click here for full the article.  Congratulations to all living in or relocating to the cities on this list!

Raleigh-Cary Named #2 of America’s Biggest Brain Magnets


Raleigh-Cary, NC - #2 of America's Biggest Brain Magnets

The experts at Forbes.com continue to show Raleigh, NC and Cary, NC some LOVE!  Recently naming Raleigh-Cary, NC as America’s Biggest Brain Magnets! 

Forbes.com noted that Even in hard times Raleigh-Durham – the fastest growing metro area in the country has repeatedly performed well on Forbes’ list of the best cities for jobs.   

To come up with their list they took the 50 largest metropolitan areas and ranked them by gains in people with college educations and compared that to the population of individuals over 25 years of age between 2007 and 2009. 

We love living in the “brain gainer” area of the Triangle and feel fortunate to call the Raleigh-Cary area home

Congrats to all living in or relocating to cities on the list!
  Check out the Forbes.com article to view the full list of Most Affordable Cities in America.

Best Places for Bargain Retirement Homes – Own Very Own Raleigh, NC

Forbes.com Names Raleigh, NC #3 Best Place for a Bargain Retirement Home!

$139,900  Raleigh Home for Sale - Click for more info


More accolades for Raleigh, NC!  Last week Raleigh was chosen as a top location in the nation for Baby boomers looking to settle down.  The selection criteria included:

  • median state property taxes
  • highest state income tax bracket
  • cost of living
  • price per square foot
  • peak to trough median single-family home price change between the 2nd quarter of 2006 to the same in 2009



In …“North Carolina retirees can get more bang for their buck”! Great news for Raleigh

This gorgeous 3 bed + bonus, 1826 square feet home above is located in Raleigh, NC and is a perfect example of just one of the excellent opportunities available to home buyers in the Triangle area.

Check out the Forbes.com article if you’re interested in seeing the full list of Best Places for Bargain Retirement Homes.

Raleigh Named One of the Most Affordable Cities in America!


Raleigh, NC - One of the Most Affordable Cities

The experts at Forbes.com last week named Raleigh, NC the #11th Most Affordable City in America! 

Cities were chosen based on a number of factors, calling for those locations offering the most “advantageous deal”.  Criteria was primarily focused on the combination of affordable real estate, a healthy ratio of income to living costs, and the relative strength of the local economies.


We love living in Raleigh, NC and feel fortunate to call Raleigh home

Congrats to all living in or relocating to cities on the list!  Check out the Forbes.com article to view the full list of Most Affordable Cities in America.