3 home buying pitfalls you can avoid

Buying a home today isn’t rocket science.  However home buying pitfalls that lurk in the process are mind boggling.  Even for an expert. Here are 3 pitfalls you can avoid…

3 home buying pitfalls to avoid

Home buying pitfalls to avoid

I can’t imagine someone meandering through the landmines of ambiguities of buying a home without an advocate.  Maybe it’s because I’ve been a REALTOR® for over a decade and I have seen these things happen.  They happen very innocently, but the ripples are so uncomfortable for you the buyer, when it’s your situation! Below are 3 home buying tips to help. We’d all love the world to turn smoothly and that includes when buying a home.  But when it doesn’t, it can become very disruptive and very unsettling.  There are real hidden issues that do come up and cause not only a loss of sleep, time, and money, but a potential legal suit as well. So what can you do?  Take a deep breathe;  and do your homework with your agent during your due diligence period.  There is a ton of information for potential home buyers to gather, and even more that their agent can get.  Research the bejeebers out of the home and don’t quiet that little voice in your head if something doesn’t feel right! Then sit down and discuss what’s real, what’s important, and what needs more clarification with your agent. Here’s some home buying tips I’d like to share…

Home Buying Pitfall #1 County tax records…

Are they perfect? No, but if there is a discrepancy between what’s on that MLS sheet and what’s on the county records, someone better question it.  Is there a big difference in the square footage?  That might indicate that the seller has done some adding on without pulling the proper permits.  Oh no problem you say, well think again.  It’s a very big problem.  If permits weren’t pulled, it didn’t pass city/county inspections.  If if didn’t pass city/county inspections and god forbid something happens, your insurance may not cover you.  If a fire were to start due to a faulty breaker or electrical error and the work was done by Uncle Al – there’s a very BIG problem…  

Home Buying Pitfall #2 What about homes that are renovated?

Be sure to know the effective date of the home, and not be fooled by looking at the brand new package with gleaming hardwood floors and granite counters.  The year could be wrong on your MLS sheet. Homes bought, renovated, and flipped are candidates for well you’ve heard the saying before; putting lipstick on a pig.  

Home Buying Pitfall #3 Well and Septic Permits… 

Then there’s the number of bedrooms in the home. Well and septic tanks here in Wake County real estate are fairly common. So watch for another common mistake in the number of bedrooms being stated on the MLS sheet. Verify that the number of bedrooms listed on the MLS sheet match the number of bedrooms that the septic permit was pulled for.  Oh, that’s not a problem either because there aren’t any septic police I hear you say.  That might be true for the system itself, but when it comes time for YOU to sell you won’t be able to advertise it without repercussions as a 4 bedroom if the permit is pulled for only 3 . So make sure that you have chosen an agent that will do the homework necessary for you once you’ve narrowed down your search to just that perfect one.  Because it’s after you’ve had the fun of ‘looking’ and picking the one home you love that you will be so happy that you have an experienced agent working for you; making sure you’ll get to closing AND enjoy that lovely home for years to come…

Home buying process; Will you be ready for the day after your offer is accepted?



Funny question you may be thinking, but when a buyer makes an offer on a home and it is accepted, one of two things usually happens.

They either wake up scared or go into a buying frenzy thinking of everything they need for their new home!

Home Buyer’s Remorse

Home Buyer's RemorseHere’s the scenario; You’ve made an offer. It was accepted. Your offer was accepted on your dream home. Then, later that night, or the next day, you start worrying. Did I make a good decision? Can I afford it? What if this or that happens? Anxiety and stress set in. Take a deep breathe and sit back… because this is a very normal reaction. It is called buyer’s remorse.

The best way to handle buyer’s remorse is to take out a sheet of paper and draw a line down the center. On one side, list all the positive things about buying this home. On the other side, list all of the negatives. You will come to realize that buying this home is a really good decision. I will be with you step by step to help answer any questions and concerns.

Home Buying Shopping Spree

Home Buyers Shopping Spree

Buyers are frequently so excited about the new home that they go out and start ordering new furniture, appliances, window treatments, and sometimes even a new car!

But there’s a real danger making any purchases at this point in your home buying process.  The problem is this can create havoc with your credit and income to debt ratios that lenders look at to approve your loan. Sometimes excessive purchases can cause the lender to reduce the amount of your loan, placing your home purchase at risk. Your best strategy?  Postpone purchasing all the amenities and extras until after your closing.

Home Buying Process:  Questions?  Concerns?

Lean on us.  We have helped hundreds of home buyers and sellers relocate to, from and within Wake County and surrounding areas.

Relocation Resources

Relocation Check-list

Home Buyers everywhere have a list of things to accomplish as they set their sites on moving.  Starting with:

… the list goes on and on.  But what about after the offer is accepted?  How do I prepare for my relocation?

Preparing for Relocation

We created this Home Buyer Check-list to provide an easy way for buyers to stay organized during this busy time.  In addition to the home buying check-list, included below are links to some very handy forms and information you’ll need to get the relocation process moving along

If you have any questions at all, or are preparing to relocate to the Triangle or a surrounding area, contact us.  We’ve worked with hundreds of home buyers and home sellers relocating to and from the Wake County area and are here to help.

Home Buyers – Don’t be caught making these common real estate mistakes

There's more to buying a home than just finding it!

There’s more to buying a home than just finding one!

As Realtors® with well over a decade of experience, we know what it takes to source out and find the perfect home for our Wake County home buyers. We also know how to get our home buying clients a fair price; and how to guide the process from start to finish.  Which in today’s market is essential in creating a low stress, smooth home buying experience.

For home buyers in Wake County, setting the right expectations and learning some basic tips in advance can make a world of difference for your upcoming real estate transaction.

When Buying Your Home:

Have a solid grasp of your budget before shopping

It’s a must; get pre-approved by a mortgage professional (unless you’re paying cash for your home).  You have to know what price range you qualify for before searching.  Use this list of mortgage loan programs to familiarize yourself with options and then contact your mortgage professional.  If you would like us to refer a loan expert, let us know.  Mortgage calculators can be helpful to get a good idea of how much you want to afford as well.This first step is so important and can’t be emphasized enough. Getting pre-approved for your loan not only lays the foundation for your expectations in a home, but also makes you a qualified buyer in the eyes of the home seller. If you find your dream home and put in an offer without having first been pre-qualified, your offer may not even get considered by the home sellers.   Most of the time here in Wake County, you’ll be asked to submit your pre-approval letter from a reputable lender WITH your offer.

Understand your costs up front  
Congratulations! Now that you’ve been pre-approved for a mortgage you can feel confident that you and your Realtor® will find a home that meets all your expectations AND within your budget! Be sure to review your good faith estimate with your Realtor® too so that you’ll understand all additional costs both at the closing table and down the road to avoid panic later.

You’ll have other questions besides those on financing a home; you’ll want to garner information about property taxes, interest, private mortgage insurance (if applicable), expected annual maintenance costs for your home, home owners association dues, the origination fee, home warranty options, etc., don’t hesitate to ask. These are part and parcel with buying a home and being a home owner and are easily manageable if your expectations are aligned from the beginning.

Know what you need in a home before home hunting
Make a list before you shop for a home. If you have 5 dogs and need a decent back yard, write down need back yard. If you work from your home and need an office, write must have office. It seems obvious but sometimes emotions get the better of judgement.  We sometimes see buyers get WOWED by some feature in a home and their list basic needs list gets tossed to the wayside.

Finding a home that matches all your criteria can be tough depending on budget. Know what compromises you’re willing to make up front so that you don’t have regrets later. Avoid wondering whether compromising on the office (and working every day from the kitchen table) was worth the really cool fireplace in the living room.
Ignore the furniture and everything that doesn’t convey with the house
Such a common mistake and one that’s sometimes tough to see past. Home staging gives home sellers a huge advantage to their competition. Don’t be blinded by the perfect decor and forget to consider that maybe the layout doesn’t fit your needs. Imagine your own stuff in the home and try and see beyond the staging.

On the same token, if the seller hasn’t put much effort forth to make a great impression and you walk into a cluttered, mis-matched, hodge podge (not the endearing type) of a home… remember, all that stuff is going to be gone. Try and see past it as well and imagine your things in the space; don’t let poor decor cause you to miss out on considering an otherwise great home.

Don’t pick the wrong agent.  
  • When you meet – treat it like a job interview.
  • A friend of a friend may not be right for you.
  • Meeting at the Realtors® office is a good idea.  See where they work, how organized they are, etc.
  • Ask a lot of questions.
  • Choose someone you feel comfortable with, trust, someone who is knowledgeable about the area, and has a list of references they’re willing to share with you.

Just remember, home hunting is fun! Stay focused on the end result. Understand your costs, don’t let emotions stand in the way of what you want, and always stay close to the original list of criteria you made before viewing homes.

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Eternal Fence-Sitter ~ Overly Uber-Picky ~ Chronic Lookers = Fear of Commitment?

Eternal Fence-Sitter ~ Overly Uber-Picky ~ Chronic Lookers = Fear of Commitment?


We wear many hats as Real Estate Professionals don’t we.  When one of the above describes our client, one of our jobs is to figure out WHY.  
Working with difficult real estate transactions
Some reasons are naturally easier to handle than others.  But you know what I believe they all have in common? … Fear:
  • Fear of making a bad decision
  • Fear of the process
  • Fear of future repairs
  • Fear of what others will say
  • Fear of not being able to sell when they need to relocate
  • Fear of not being able to make payments
  • Fear of regret / buyer’s remorse
  • Fear of not getting the kids in the right school district
  • Fear of dropping the down payment
A fear of commitment because of any of the reasons above or thousands of other possible reasons.  

We can’t combat them all but some fears we can ease.  As Realtors®, one of our hats is “counselor”… by answering questions, anticipating needs, and by helping conquer fears.   

IMHO ~ I’d dare say 99% of folks out there are not intentionaly trying to be rude or waste our time. They probably don’t understand why they haven’t yet made a decision on the home of their dreams either!
Working with difficult real estate transactions

As a Realtor® I believe it is (well partially) my responsibility to get to the root cause of the fear.  If you’re showing let’s say the 30th home to a couple and it really does meet their needs on their wish list don’t be afraid to gently ask:
  • What is keeping you from making an offer?
  • Do you feel comfortable with the home buying process?
  • Are there any aspects about buying a home that I haven’t covered that you need to learn more about before making an offer?

Fears can be hard to detect can’t they? Sometimes I think the root of the fear can be on a more personal side. And when that happens I usually steer clear of addressing it directly (unless of course the client is your brother and you’re close).  We’re all human and human stuff happens…
  • Are they READY to buy a home with their significant other?… Is this the commitment fear that is affecting their home purchase?  
  • perhaps there are marital problems that are limiting one of the spouses to make a commitment
  • or maybe (as I’ve seen this happen) their tastes are sooooo different and it’s causing a riff…
Again – not topics I readily dive into, but something I do keep in mind when it seems there’s no other reason why an offer isn’t on the table.  

Just remember, don’t take it personally.  It feels personal, boy how I know that. But sometimes when I know I’ve done everything I can for clients – I just need to remind myself to stay confident in my abilities…  

Sometimes… it really is them and not you.

Ahhh Fence-Sitters…


Ahhh Fence-Sitters…

Great question that RuthMarie Hicks challenged us with in her ‘Getting Buyers off the fence’ challenge this month. Chronic looking and forever fence-sitting clients are tough. I thought I’d try and answer how I specifically “deal with” them. It may not be the most profitable way… but it’s the best way for me.

I don’t have scripts, I don’t shake them into wanting to make a decision, I just let them be chronic lookers and forever fence-sitters if that’s what they want… Seem Odd?

My Clients Decision to Buy a Home is Their Own

In most cases, qualifying my prospective clients before agreeing to devote my undivided attention decisionsand time helps. Let’s face it some home buyers really aren’t serious about buying a home and there are those sellers ‘just wondering what they could get for their house’ without any real motivation to sell.

Let’s take buyers for example; if a buyer hasn’t gotten their finances together, spoken with a lender, and done the things we all know that serious home buyers must do, then I advise they do so FIRST. If there is hesitation or resistance then they’re probably not serious about buying a home.

Buying a home is a HUGE decision especially for a 1st time home buyer. And truth be told I don’t think there’s a perfect way to qualify a client in order to know for sure whether they’ll buy a home the 1st day or 100th. I myself have put in a LOT of home searching time with “home buyers” who ended up still to this day (years later) NEVER purchasing a home. Is it frustrating? YOU BETCHA!!

How do I deal with it?

After they’re qualified I like to take the time to meet in my office for an initial consultation. I have a buyers pack put together for them with all sorts of information including past blog posts I’ve written that explain the home buying process, what due diligence is etc. I also make sure they know that they need to have their checkbook in hand ~ first day out. Helping them understand that the good homes still go fast! I also ask the questions; if we do find the home of their dreams are they willing to make an offer TODAY.

They’ll usually answer honestly. By managing my time appropriately and by asking the right questions I’ve learned to cut out the frustrations that come along with chronic fence-sitters (usually!). However, even if they’ve done EVERYTHING RIGHT I still sometimes get the feeling their great intentions to buy a home just won’t be coming to fruition any time soon.

When that happens and it gets to be too much… I’ve learned to shake their hand, ask them to call me when they are ready to buy a home or even just want have a cup of coffee (we do make great friends during the home-hunting process don’t we?) and I really do wish them the best of luck.

Ultimately We Decide Who We Work With
If you feel that your client will never become a past client, it’s time to part; hopefully at least as friends – with your card in their hand should they change their mind – just be honest with them.

We run businesses; for our business to be healthy time management is key. We can’t make a client purchase a home… nor should we. We’re here to ease their fears, answer their questions and guide them through the process.

Beyond that the only thing we really control is our own time.

Let’s Find a Deal Together!

Let’s Find a Deal Together!

With interest rates low, the housing supply up, and a number of great home deals available, many individuals and families alike are making the decision to get into the housing market.  THAT IS GREAT ~ there’s some SMART people out there that know now’s the time to buy a home!

To keep smiling let’s discuss some misconceptions.

time to buy is now

The news on the national housing market these days to say the least isn’t always positive, we hear foreclosures are everywhere, we learn about friends and loved ones who are selling their homes for much less than they had hoped to.  We hear rumors of that guy getting a great deal or that lady paying $64,000 for the 3 bed, 2 bath in town.  These stories albeit are real, but are so hyped up in today’s media that the expectations it produces for what’s available within individual price ranges are not altogether realistic.

It’s a little like getting struck by lightening…

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll never recommend that you settle for less than you want and if a deal is what you’re looking for ~ we’ll find it!  But it’s important to know that in our market, on average in the Triangle area of NC, both historically and currently, homes on the market that close sell for between 96% – 99% of the list price  (97% – 98% being most common).

Buying a home in any real estate market can and should be exciting.

PARTICULARLY in THIS Real Estate market where interest rates are so low, inventory is healthy and unfortunately other agents are NOT advising their sellers appropriately, leaving many sellers THINKING they are at a disadvantage with competition being so steep.  Which means buyers are in an excellent position to get a great deal on a home that may have been out of reach just 2 years ago.

But let’s be realistic in home buying today too; we’ve witnessed a caveat for buyers who realize their expectations for a 6 bedroom, 5 bath, 5000 square foot home in the perfect school system may not be in their budget.

As Realtors®, we want you to be incredibly happy and feel ecstatic about:

  • Your experience throughout the home buying process
  • Your decision to choose the home you decide to purchase
  • Of course we want you to be THRILLED with US too!    
Just like in a sellers market (where the not so great homes are selling for top price), it’s important to have a good idea of what types of homes are available both in the areas you’re interested in and within your budget. It’s what I like to call managing your expectations!

Real estate markets are REALLY local. It’s not just a cliché…

Many of our clients come from locations where home prices are higher than comparable homes found in our Wake County real estate market.  That’s great right?!  Interestingly, we’ve found that this scenario can call for both:

  • buyers who are thrilled because they’re getting more for the money.
  • buyers who are disappointed because the perception of a great deal has been inflated to unrealistic levels.  
Be informed, ask your Realtor® tons of questions (none are too small and there’s no such thing as a dumb question in real estate) and arm yourself with information.  Doing this will help create an awesome home buying experience.

When you’re serious about buying a home, call me. I’ll know how and where to start…

It’s official! We’ve been going over the numbers & NOW is the time to buy a home.

It’s official!  The numbers say NOW is the time to buy a home

buying a home in Raleigh
First time home buyers and experienced buyers alike, if you’re on the fence you can’t keep ignoring the signs… you have a tremendous opportunity to own a home at a terrific price with amazingly low interest rates.  

Speaking of… let’s dive into detail on a topic that receives a lot of attention but is still often misunderstood or overlooked.  

I N T E R E S T   R A T E S

When financing a mortgage (or even refinancing a home) it’s important not to underestimate how much impact your interest rate will have on your monthly payment.According to mortgage finance giant Freddie Mac, the national average mortgage rates as of October 20th are:

Average National Interest Rates Oct. 20th, 2011For a more specific look at our Southeast region (defined as NC, SC, TN, KY, GA, AL, FL, MS, PR, VI) average mortgage rates for the same period are:

Average Regional Interest Rates Oct. 20th, 2011Quick explanation of some of the terms above:
* A point is a discount point charged by the lender at settlement.  One point equals one percent of the loan amount.
** A margin is a fixed amount added to the underlying index to establish the fully indexed rate for an ARM.
Visit our website for a comprehensive list of real estate vocabulary terms.

Bear with us here, those charts are a lot to take in…

But here’s where it gets interesting. If you’re sitting on the fence about whether or not now is a good time to buy a home you might be wondering…


How does the interest rate really affect my monthly payment as a borrower?

We want to show YOU just how much impact these interest rate adjustments have… so we did a little research and put this together so you can see for yourself.

For our sample we simulated a homebuyer (similar for a homeowner refinance) who:

  1. Financed $300,000
  2. At the average Sept. 2011 (October is not yet available) 30 year fixed interest rate of 4.11%.

We found:  Expected principal & interest payment =$1,451/month

We then calculated what the monthly principal and interest payments would be using average 30 year fixed interest rates from history.  

For the same $300,000 financed:

  • Sept. 2011, average rate 4.11%:  monthly payment = $1,451
  • Sept 2010, average rate 4.35%: monthly payment = $1,493
  • Sept. 2009, average rate of 5.06%:  monthly payment = $1,621
  • Sept. 2000, average rate of 7.91%:  monthly payment = $2,183
  • Sept. 1990, average rate of 10.18%:  monthly payment = $2,673
  • Sept. 1980, average rate of 13.20%, monthly payment = $3,366
  • Sept. 1971, average rate of 7.69%, monthly payment = $2,137

There was a time in our home owning years that Lee & I paid… are your ready for this? Our interest rate was 18%!!!!

Interesting how much farther money can go with low interest rates!*Please note the above calculations show principal and interest only and assumes 20% down.  Excludes property taxes, home insurance, mortgage insurance, closing costs, etc.  For a closer look at what to expect please check with your mortgage lender, or we are happy to refer a mortgage expert in the Triangle area.

Ready to consider getting off that fence?  IF you are convinced that now is an outstanding time to buy a home ~ CALL ME TODAY

Interest rates are a big factor for sure, but then take into consideration current market conditions and you have a perfect combination giving YOU as home buyers some great options and opportunities in the real estate market.

Want to play with numbers specific to your budget? Check out our home buying and selling tools complete with a mortgage calculator to get started.

Please don’t wait, fence sitting can get very uncomfortable… Contact us today we’re ready are YOU!

1st time home buyers; NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO SIT ON THE FENCE…

How to buy my first home

1st time home buyers; NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO SIT ON THE FENCE…

Sure, buying your 1st home can be a scary thought…

It’s a big investment.

It’s a commitment.

…and who knows what the future will be like right? 


Even with all the tumultuous real estate news out there these days, there really has not been a better time to buy a home in almost 50 years…  

If you are TIRED of paying rent, don’t wait!  Just arm yourself with sound advice and move forward and shed paying rent forever.  You’ll be glad you did!

Here are 6 ideas for you to consider as you start out…

1.  FIND THE RIGHT BUYER’S AGENT!  It’s sad but true – not all real estate agents are created equal.  As a 1st time home buyer you will become joined at the hip to your agent.  So be sure to feel comfortable with them.  Not only personality compatible but also confident in their ability to look out for your best interests during the entire process!  The home buying process isn’t rocket science but there are many little nuances that an experienced agent will be able to navigate around and help smooth the transaction.  

Results: a real estate relationship that will last for years to come.

2. UNDERSTAND THE HOME BUYING PROCESS.  1st time home buyers get so excited once they make up their mind to buy a home  that they just start surfing the web, heading out to open houses, and even calling the listing agent to view a home.  One of the reasons for finding the right buyer’s agent above is that your agent should take the time to consult with you FIRST and explain how the process works in your area to help manage your expectations..  

Results: one relaxed 1st time home buyer.

3. GET PRE-QUALIFIED!  It’s sad when anyone starts out without consulting a lender.  Here’s a situation that I hear all too often that really needn’t happen …  a 1st time home buyer jumps on the net – finds a home they just love and have to see!  They call the listing agent – get an appointment and they’re in love! That is until they talk with a lender and find that they either don’t qualify, don’t have enough for the down payment or closing costs, or just don’t want to spend that much per month…  

Results:  one very prepared 1st time home buyer.

4. ASK – ASK – ASK!  If you’re not sure about something ASK!  There is no such thing as a dumb question!  And this couldn’t be truer than for the 1st time home buyer.  Don’t be afraid to ask about the  upkeep, the taxes, and the insurance.  Take time to review the restrictive covenants…  especially for things like being able to put up that fence for Fido.  Who owns all that nice wooded area behind the home?  Will it stay nice and private…? AND especially ask about various places to live and/or if there is anything going up around the home that would affect its resale.

Results: one very thankful 1st time home buyer.

5. ACT QUICKLY!  Even though you’ve heard it’s a buyers market, hear me on this please; the good HOMES STILL GO FAST!!!  So once you’ve found the home that fits, DO SOMETHING!   

One of the biggest 1st time home buyer mistake is not acting quickly enough and someone else comes right behind you and buys the house. So don’t wait!

Results; one very happy 1st time home buyer.

6. MAKE YOUR OFFER STAND OUT!  Let’s face it 1st time home buyers don’t always have the ‘cash’.   BUT it’s not always about the highest price, or amount on pointdown – LTV (loan to value) that attracts a seller.  If the home you’re going after is a pearl – you can bet there will be others looking to purchase it as well.  So how do you as a 1st time home buyer make your offer look appealing to a seller?  One idea we’ve found that has worked is a letter from you to the sellers telling them in detail what it is that you love about their home and how you’ll take care of it.   It just might do the trick…

Results; one very satisfied 1st time home buyer!


Hope these tips help as you begin what I believe is one of the most exciting experiences in your life – buying your 1st home!  

Read to get started?  Call me.  I’m ready too…


Looking at Homes Online? How is that Going?

Moving to the Raleigh-Cary area?  Looking at Homes Online?  How is that Going?

The VAST majority of home buyers start their search online.  That’s a fact and we as Realtors® have worked hard and are doing a pretty good job of providing real estate resources and showcasing listings online to make it as easy as we can for home buyers (and home sellers) to find what they’re looking for while still in the information gathering stage.

However I frequently hear from new clients about all the time they spent browsing different Realtor® websites, and how frustrating it was for them each time they got online to get a feel for homes in our area.  There frustrations?  Feeling like every time they get online to search, they had to start the research process again from scratch. 

That is until they signed up to receive our Triangle Just Listed RHO HomeSearch tool.

Find a home in Raleigh-Cary, NC Basically it’s a free service to help home buyers find their dream home in and around Wake County.   Home buyers outline their unique criteria, and begin receiving a daily e-mail with a link to personalized access of Triangle MLS listings matching their home needs.  These listings are updated daily making this a one stop shop for Raleigh-Cary area home searching.  Saving a search allows buyers to see homes as soon as they hit the market… no more having to rely on manual searches. 

The system is automated in the sense that e-mails are sent automatically.  When a home buyer fills out the home property watch form, I personally set up each request.  This allows for home buyers to input very specific details in the comments section and a level of customization that no 100% automated search could offer. 

If you’re a home buyer looking for a home in Cary, Morrisville or Apex, NC between $475,000 – $525,000, 4 bed, 3 bath, 3 car garage, over 3500 square feet, 2 fireplaces, fenced back yard, community pool, over .5 acre, granite countertops, cork floors, 1st floor master, built in 2007 or newer, etc., etc. – no problem!  If there are homes available that meet your criteria you’ll know about it.

Just let us know how we can help.  We’re here to make your transition to and from Raleigh-Cary and the surrounding areas as smooth as possible.

Find your Dream Home in and near Wake County.