#FiberedUp – Google Fiber and the Triangle

#FiberedUp!  Just what does that mean you ask?  It’s a grass roots movement supporting the possibility of a Google Fiber network coming to communities here in the Triangle.  There are 7 areas here that Google is including… Raleigh, Morrisville, Cary, Holly Springs, Garner, Carrboro, Chapel Hill and Durham.

Arik Abel and #FiredUp the MovieSo what’s the big deal? It’s simple; internet SPEED, and for a lot of us that is a really big deal…  Do you work from home?  Are you tired of waiting for your internet provider to speed things up? Do you need (or just want)  lightening  fast internet service (that of which we do NOT have now unfortunately)?   I am. That’s why I’m joining #FiberedUp and Arik Abel and you can too.

Arik was guest speaker at our Triangle HIRL (Hang out in real life) event last week ~ he’s the energy behind #FiberedUp the movie.  He was filming all the while he was talking with us for the movie too, as you can see in his picture.  He’s on a mission to create a video of all the reasons the Triangle really does need Google Fiber to bring us better internet speed.  He’s filming the excitement and possibilities that Google Fiber would bring to the Triangle; he’s filmed kids playing, companies planning, and plain folks like me.  All of us would love to have download and upload speeds 100x faster than what’s available today.  Think of the possibilities!

Google is making the first move to connect communities/or subdivisions as we know them here.  Interesting to me is that they would choose to connect homes first rather than big companies or someplace like RTP or downtown Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill.  But then again as others have said, the move is on to bring everything online into our homes.  Google ALWAYS has a plan and a reason…

Google Fiber's Bunny!

You can help and get involved in supporting bringing Google Fiber to the Triangle.  To learn more visit www.FiberedUp.com.