How far is Raleigh from other Great Cities Around the World?

From Raleigh to Other World CitiesWe couldn’t possibly hit all the great cities around the world (not even close), but we thought it would be fun to build our own on-line version of the signs we see in hot spot locations around the world (Key West comes to mind).

Due to technology, easy traveling, global trade and a number of other factors, our lives are very much global.

Traveling around Raleigh has been made easy with a number of different Triangle travel options, and traveling around the world has been made easy for those in the Triangle by the always reliable and recently transformed RDU International airport.

We recently wrote about the distances from Raleigh, NC to North Carolina vacation destinations.  This is a bit of a different take with the same premise…

Distance from Raleigh to Other Great Cities Around the World

We love our sign but please don’t hold us accountable for the directional aspect.  The mileage is correct yes, but the visual is more for… well a visual, then for any type of accurate representation (London and Rio De Janeiro are not at all in the same direction when traveling from Raleigh).

What we can offer is a list of some of the great cities around the World and the distance from those cities to Raleigh, North Carolina. So… (queue dramatic drum-roll) here it is, in no particular order…

Raleigh to Sydney, AustraliaSydney, Australia

  • 9,647 miles

Raleigh to Montreal, Canada

  • 721 miles

Raleigh to Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • 5,041 miles
Raleigh to Paris, France

  • 4,038 miles

Raleigh to Bangkok, Thailand

  • 9,022 miles

Raleigh to Delhi, IndiaPlaces around the World

  • 7,724 miles

Raleigh to Istanbul, Turkey

  • 5,432 miles

Raleigh to Madrid, Spain

  • 3,967 miles
Raleigh to Cape Town, South Africa

  • 7,895 miles

Raleigh to Berlin, Germany

  • 4,390 miles

Raleigh to Oslo, NorwayQueenstown, New Zealand

  • 4,101 miles

Raleigh to Auckland, New Zealand

  • 8,468 miles

Raleigh to Manila, Philippines

  • 8,735 miles

Raleigh to Tokyo, Japan

  • 6,921 miles

Raleigh to Shanghai, ChinaChina

  • 7,643 miles

Raleigh to Kathmandu, Nepal

  • 7,933 miles

Raleigh to Nairobi, Kenya

  • 7,691 miles

Raleigh to Dublin, Ireland

  • 3,596 miles

Raleigh to Mexico City, Mexico

  • 1,686 miles

Raleigh to Athens, Greece

  • 5,333 miles

Raleigh to Dakar, Senegal

  • 4,029 miles

Raleigh to Santiago, Chile

  • 4,817 miles

Don’t feel sad if your city isn’t on the list… do you have a favorite city around the world you’d like us to add?  Let us know!