Home Staging Tips


Staging your home to sell goes beyond arranging furniture, choosing colors, sprucing up your landscaping, and removing home clutter – although these are very important aspects too!!! Access, providing a comfortable atmosphere for potential home buyers, and showcasing your home in its best light are all important staging techniques.

Staging Your Home to Sell


Allowing potential home buyers access to your house when it’s on the market is crucial. When you hire a professional Real Estate Agent in Raleigh, a secure lock box will be placed on your front door. This lock box will allow buyers agents, with their prospective home buyers, to access your house and promote your home as a viable option for purchase.

We see it all the time… a favorites list is created of homes for sale, hand-picked carefully by home buyers and their REALTOR, with intentions to go take a look – and maybe purchase! Then, appointments are made by the REALTOR through the Triangle’s Centralized Showing System and it’s discovered that one of the homes they would like to see is only available for showings between 6pm and 8pm Monday through Friday. Hmmmm… if it’s Saturday morning and a day of Raleigh area house hunting is about to begin, that home with limited access is automatically marked off the list – by Monday, the buyers may be under contract!


It can feel awkward for home buyers when they view homes their considering… it’s unfamiliar and they know it’s someone else’s space. Yet it’s important to understand, the longer a home buyer spends in your home, and the more they notice closet sizes by peaking, and cabinet sizes and features by opening the doors, the more likely they are consider your home as a real option to suit their needs.

It’s tough for home buyers to do what is necessary to really get a feel for a house when the home owner is present. Let the Realtor and home buyer view your home without your presence. If you’re home when you get the call that a home buyer is on the way… take a long walk or drive around the block a few times… anything that will get your family and your pets if you have them out of the house so the buyer doesn’t feel like they’re invading your space.


  • Clutter is the big no-no. Remove photos from your fridge doors, items from your countertops, knick-knacks from your shelves, personal photographs from your walls (repair the holes of course!), and even removing furniture pieces if your rooms are over-stuffed will help home buyers really see the spaces and size of the home being showcased.
  • If you’re short on lamps, now is the time to get some. Keep all the lights in your home on, light, bright homes sell.
  • Leaving your curtains and blinds open allows natural light to flood in.
  • Spruce up the landscaping if it needs it, some fresh mulch and edging your lawn can make a dramatic difference for curb appeal, if it’s in the budget consider a landscape design – great curb appeal can make a huge difference.
  • Some soft music with the volume low can help create an inviting environment.
  • Aroma is another important element to consider, burn a scented candle to help leave a good impression on the home buyers.

Your Raleigh area Real Estate Agent can certainly help with all of the above items. These, coupled with an aggressive marketing plan can help meet the outcome of what all home sellers are shooting for… a home sale with the shortest number of days and the maximum sales price the Raleigh area housing market will allow.