Home Seller Guide to Color

In the Raleigh area it is important to respect that NEUTRAL is always the way to go when preparing to put your home on the market. Using bright, bold colors limits your home’s potential buyer pool to a more taste specific crowd.

When your home is on the market (to maximize the chances of getting your home sold fast and for top dollar) the game plan should be that every buyer who walks in your door can imagine themselves living in and loving your space. Frustrating but true, as you’ll read in the staging your Raleigh area home tip, when you put your home up for sale… your space is really no longer your own. Painting over the favorite pink wall you so carefully and lovingly chose for your living room may be painful, but by keeping it you are literally cutting your buyer pool in half… in many cases, maybe even by much more.

On the other hand, stark white walls in every room may come across as cold and uninviting. Finding a soothing, warm, and inviting balance is what you’re looking for. Choosing a neutral tone for your walls such as a beige, almond or taupe will allow you to create spaces that avoid mixing colors that contrast.

When choosing your color palette, the colors should coordinate (sounds more simple than it is sometimes). Stick with either warm or cool tones without mixing the two. A monochromatic scheme means you’re utilizing different tones and strengths within the same color, creating a more peaceful, subtle environment. An analogous color scheme will also work, and utilizes colors adjacent to each other on the color wheel.

If you choose not to have your home professionally staged, following the tips below can certainly get you headed in the right direction when it comes to adding color to your home…

  • Add a few throw pillows in a rich tone to create an accent color with your neutral walls.
  • Change out your lamp shades to match a color you would like to bring out in a more subtle object, such as an understated painting.
  • Add warmth and color to the floor by adding a well placed area rug that compliments your space.

If you need help choosing room colors for your Raleigh area home before putting it on the market, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We have over a decade of experience selling Triangle homes, and a big part of that is working with our clients to showcase their spaces in the best light possible. Another advantage we have is an equal amount of experience in meeting the needs of home buyers; experiencing first-hand their likes and dislikes about homes they see on the market. We can help!