Home Selling Tips

Interested in earning the maximum amount the market will allow for your Raleigh area home? By utilizing these home selling tips you are putting yourself in a great position to gain substantially more than individuals who choose not to take a proactive approach.

Home Selling Tips

Check out these home selling tips to make the most of your home sale… then contact a qualified, experienced professional REALTOR® to maximize your proceeds!

Common Home Selling Mistakes

Avoid these home selling real estate mistakes to get your home sold quickly, and for a price you feel good about.  As Realtors with over a decade of experience, we know what it takes to get a home sold as well as the prep that’s necessary to buy a home.  For home sellers in Wake County, knowing some basic tips in advance can make a world of difference for your upcoming home transaction.  Check out the top common home selling mistakes.


Do you have everything in your home perfectly arranged, but still feel like you’re missing something? We’ve been there! Maybe you’re missing the one element that can tie everything together. Well placed color can add that “pop” you’re looking for to add subtle interest that potential home buyers will remember. Check out the home sellers guide to color for clues on how to add color to your space.


Not staging your home before putting it on the market, is like going on a job interview in your pajamas. -Sabrina Soto from HGTV’s “Get It Sold”

Couldn’t have put it better ourselves! Click here to get tips on how to stage your home.