I just wanted to let you know what a fine outstanding agent Pamela St. Peter is. We just recently purchased a home at Avocet in Holly Springs, NC through her help and she was extremely helpful and very professional during the entire process. When we first met Pamela St. Peter she told us that we would see different areas and developments and when we found something we liked we would know it right away. Being a New Yorker I said to myself what is she talking about but was she ever correct about what did happen when we found the one we liked and fell in love with. We also feel she went out of her way to help us through the entire process of buying our home and keeping us informed on the all the details and steps that were involved. Pamela did such an excellent job during the whole process, that we now feel we not only found an excellent realtor in Holly Springs but also someone to call a true friend. Once again we can only say again, that without all her help we would not of been able to accomplish all that we did so smoothly. If we know of anyone looking to move to the Raleigh area, Pamela St. Peter is the first name that would come to mind for us to recommend. Thanks again to Pamela St. Peter for all that she did for us.

Marilyn & Joe

The Prudential St. Peter Team was very accommodating. We worked with Pamela who did everything possible to ensure our home purchasing experience was positive; she even entertained our son who was 10 months old at the time! She listened to our needs so that each home we visited was a possibility. We never felt like we were spending valuable time inside homes that weren’t suited to our desires. Pamela worked for us from the preliminary search through closing and has checked on us several times since to see how our family is faring. Pamela maintained a friendly, easy-going attitude that was always professional and never pushy. We would definitely choose to work with the St. Peter team again!

Shannon & Ken

We highly recommend Pamela St. Peter as a listing real estate agent to sell your home. She gave us excellent advice on how to prepare our home and how to price it. Her team offered the perfect combination of people skills and technical know how. Our home had a sophisticated presence on the web which led to a successful sale to a buyer from California.

Pamela is well spoken and friendly to the many people that must be coordinated for a smooth transaction, and she is very firm and assertive when the you need that most. In what is the most high dollar and complicated business transaction you may enter, Pamela is the woman you want sitting at the table or ever present on the phone.

Larry & Diane

Lee please accept our heartfelt thanks for all your hard work in finding us a home. You are truly a pro and your boundless energies and patience serve you well. You made a potentially lengthy and stressful process as enjoyable as it could be. Thanks again!

Brad & Heather

Lee was instrumental in helping us find the home that was right for us. We visited two separate occasions, one was which was Labor Day weekend, and during both visits Lee worked morning until night showing us many different homes as well as the Raleigh area. We are grateful for Lee’s dedication and hard work in helping make our move a success.

Scott & Diana

My wife and I have been to the Raleigh area three time during the last several weeks to look at the area. We have had it with the high cost of living here in New Jersey. We are looking to make a relocation to the Cary area soon.

We have been working with Dave Fritz from your office and he has been great to work with! Because we are still trying to narrow our search down as to what part of Cary and what developments we like, Dave has been very helpful in providing various developments within our price range! By the end of our last visit my wife has fallen in love with the area and is really looking forward to making the relocation.

Again, I’d like to take a moment to thank your office for providing such a helpful website and we greatly appreciate all the help Dave has been able to provide. THANKS!!

Tom & Anne

I wanted to take a minute to thank you for your help in finding us our new home. When I first was presented the new job we were hesitant to move the boys away from their friends, but it was an opportunity we could not pass up. Now that we have settled into our new home, we are sure we did the right thing. The job is great, the kids have lots of friends on the street and Jennifer is busier than ever with her new friends, playgroups and other engagements. Nathan and I have even taken up golf.

In the last weeks as the weather has turned warmer, I come home to neighbors and Jennifer sitting on the front porch watching the kids play and talking over a bottle of red wine. Can’t get any better than that.

Thanks again with your help, we truly appreciate it.

Chris J.

Lee was very up-front, truthful and helpful with all aspects of our home purchase, from initial house hunting to referrals of local professionals through closing. We would definitely refer our friends and associates in the future, and would use your services again when the need arises.

Rob & Amy

Thanks for everything Lee! Your commitment to me helped close in record time. I truly appreciate all your effort. Thanks!


I have been in NC for the past 4 days working with Pamela St. Peter on finding a home –– we were successful in 2 days. I’d like to give you some feedback of my experience.

Miss Pamela (as I so fondly call her) is an absolute joy to work with. She has many of the skills and attributes that are very important for a Realtor, yet not always seen. Pamela listens extremely well. I provided Pamela with my criteria for a home and she identified quite a few options, and then helped me to narrow my selection down to ‘the one’. Pamela made suggestions that were rational and well thought out which enhanced my search, and brought me closer to the type of home I really wanted, all while staying within my budget. Pamela did a great job of looking out for my interest by educating me on what to look for (i.e. the negatives of each location – and there were a few), as well as pointing out the positives (i.e. upgrades, location and community growth). She is very personable, lives her job and really does her homework. We tired each other out on both Wednesday and Thursday – she showed me approximately 30 homes. She never complained, and was always cheerful. When it came to negotiating on my behalf, Pamela let me know what her concerns were regarding the asking price, and although we were not able to negotiate down to the number she would have preferred, she was kind enough not to stand in the way of us moving forward with the deal.

On a more serious note, Pamela is an absolute gem, and I would highly recommend her as an agent. Anyone who is lucky enough to be one of her clients is definitely in good hands, and in for a treat.


At the close of the sale of my Raleigh home, I wanted to say a big thank you Pamela for your tremendous help and support through the selling process. With my move to Virginia, it was especially difficult to directly support the home sale process. You, Lee and the team did a great job of marketing the property I loved the 360° views (can I keep those?!)

As we found a buyer, your calm and professional advice was invaluable in guiding me through the negotiation, home inspection and exciting closing phases.

You’re a Realtor in a million! Thanks again,

Kind regards,

Timothy B.

Lee did an outstanding job in selling us our house. We will be sure to recommend him to family and friends. Lee, we LOVE our new home!!!!!!

Rudy & Karin

Lee was very educational and thorough – we never felt rushed and you made us feel like we had all the time in the world. Quick to respond and always available, we also never felt pressure to buy anything we didn’t want. Great job!

Peter & Kaylene

Hi there Pam, just wanted to drop you a line and say Thanks for all your hard work. We would have never thought that this was all going to work out. We hope that every day god smiles a little more your way. And even on those rainy days he makes a few less rain drops fall on you.

All our love and prayers,

Mike & Cecelia

Thank you Lee for all your help, patience and encouragement, the entire process was completed without a single problem!

Bill & Gwyn

Lee made it possible for us to move to the area in a short period of time. He was sensitive to our concerns, helpful regarding locations, and invaluable during negotiations and a long-distance closing. When the time comes again, we will call no one but him!


In this internet age, where every house on sale is listed online, a savvy buyer does not need any Buyer agent. This is what I thought when we decided to buy a house in April 2002. A friend of mine advised me about the benefits of having a buyer agent. He, however, added that these benefits are only realized if one is careful to hire a good Realtor. With this wisdom, I decided to hire an agent, and got a recommendation for this great team of Lee and Pamela. Pamela has this special knack of quickly understanding her client’s needs. She seems to understand exactly the things her clients weigh more over others. She is pleasure to talk to, shows interest in the work she does and is always available.

House hunting can be a very tiring process, but she always look fresh and cheerful. Lee is one of the most informed Realtors out there and compliments Pamela very nicely. He has this ton of wisdom about home building, which he gladly shares with his clients. He educates his clients about things which are important to consider before buying any house.

They taught us to always keep in mind before buying, whether the house under consideration will be easily sold when the time comes.

Both my wife and I enjoyed their company and appreciate their help in our house hunting effort. Anybody who is looking to buy a house should put some effort in selecting a good buyer agent like Pamela and Lee.

Thank You,

Vivek & Nivedita

We both want to thank you Lee for all you did for us. Moving into our beautiful new home went very well and we will always be thankful for you. Lee you are a kind, caring and very helpful person and I certainly will recommend family and friends!


Lee I was so fortunate to “accidentally” meet you. Finding a house was easy this time and rather quick! I appreciate all your help so much. I got a wonderful house, and we are pretty much settled and are very happy. You definitely have what it takes in Real Estate! I will recommend your services again, as for me; I plan to stay here for a long while.


Pam St. Peter was fantastic. She’s a great listener, heard and understood my needs and took me to neighborhoods that I would feel comfortable with. She also suggested lunch at Whole Foods – right on. That was very important.

Evelyn G.

I am writing this letter to share my home-buying experience with Pamela St. Peter and Prudential Carolinas Realty. In the summer of 2004, I decided it was time to start the search for my first home. As a renter for many years, this was a completely new experience for me. As to be expected, I was experiencing the normal feelings of anxiety and frustration that come with making a large purchase for the first time. Due to Pamela’s dedication and knowledge, buying my first home turned out to be a simple and rewarding process.

To start, not at any one moment did I feel pressure to purchase a home that did not suit my needs. If you have ever been to a car dealership, you realize from the moment you walk onto the lot, the salesperson is concerned about one thing only: making the sale. Pamela spent numerous hours researching different properties, and showing them to me before we finally decided on one. At one point in the process, I started having second thoughts due to personal reasons and decided I wanted to put a hold on finding a home. Pamela was very understanding about this and did not once hurry me into making any decisions.

On top of that, any time I had questions regarding a property or the home-buying process, Pamela and her staff were very prompt in arranging times to meet that accommodated my schedule, as well as returning my phone calls and emails. Knowing how busy Pamela was, I was always confident she would be there when needed. Pamela always took as much time as needed to explain every part of the home buying process in detail. This is a quality you do not find in everyday business transactions. It does not stop after closing either. Since I moved in, I have been in touch with Pamela. She is just as helpful today as she was when we began the process, fielding any questions I have as well as serving as an advocate for me in dealing with the builder and the Homeowner’s Association.

I closed on my home October 29, 2004 and am extremely happy with my purchase to this day. Thanks to Pamela, I purchased my home for a great price and immediately moved in with equity. Pamela was highly recommended to me by a co-worker, and after my experience, I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy a home, whether a first time home buyer or not. I work in a customer service environment, and feel that a great experience should not go unrecognized. Words can truly not express how satisfied I am with Pamela’s hard work and dedication. Someday I will look to buy a new home and without hesitation I know who I will call!

Adam P.

Lee was outstanding throughout our entire experience. He went above the call of duty and concluded our transaction with an exceptional degree of professionalism (we’ve also expressed our extreme satisfaction to our company relocation team). Thank you for a job very well done!!

Mark R.

We’ve worked with Pamela & Lee St. Peter on buying and selling our home in NC and we would highly recommend anyone looking to buy or sell in the Triangle to use their services. Our first experience with the St. Peter’s was in 2003 when we were looking to buy our first house. We needed someone to trust and who would have the patience and knowledge to guide us through this process. They did not let us down, from signing the purchase agreement to closing day, they were with us every step and there to answer any questions.

Then, earlier this year (2008) we decided we were going to move back to NY and we asked them to sell our house. Our house sold in less than 4 weeks and we had a showing almost every day of those 4 weeks. Again they were there every step during the sale of our house and we never felt like we didn’t know what was going on. Selling a home can be extremely stressful and their professionalism helped reduce the overall stress of the transaction. Thanks for making the process run so smoothly..YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST.

Josh & Michelle

Thank you Lee for making buying our home a truly wonderful, easy and joyous experience. You really work hard for people and give your all, we appreciate it! And, we have a REALLY beautiful home which is “rock solid”, just like our salesman. I guess the most important part of our working with you was the feeling of trust in you, and your character. Thank you!

Sherri & Mark

My wife and I were blessed to come in contact with Pamela St. Peter to purchase our first home. Pamela made an impression from the very first time we spoke with her. My wife and I were four hours away from Raleigh and could only look at houses on the weekends. This was not a problem for Pamela. Pamela made sure every detail of the home purchase went smoothly. She took us step by step through the entire home purchase making my wife and I feel very comfortable. She answered every question we had, was very proactive, and helped us to find a great home. Also, thank you Lee for sitting down with my wife and I telling us about the Raleigh-Durham area.

Thank you very much,

Stacey & Mike

We relocated from Mass. about a year ago. Pam was an exceptional Real Estate Agent! We both highly recommend her in your relocation process! If you would like to ask questions about her ability, personality, professionalism, area knowledge, etc., please don’t hesitate to call us @ 919-435-7302.

Anita & Steve S.

Lee excelled in being honest and open with us and truly representing our best interests. He was very good at advising us with our negotiating strategy. We are very demanding consumers and he very patiently walked us through each step to closing.

We have worked with a number of Realtors over the years (with varying degrees of success), but we have never had as positive an experience as we did with Lee.

We have been relocated several times, but this move from Germany to Raleigh, without ever having seen the area, was the most stressful move we have ever made. It was very beneficial to us to have a good agent, who knew the area, listened to us regarding what we were looking for and was patient and professional at all times. We found Lee’s negotiating advice to be very helpful and financially beneficial to us. In addition, we had a very quick closing and Lee really took charge to make sure the transaction went smoothly.

We highly recommend Lee St. Peter and will certainly call him when it is time for us to move again.

Tim & Melinda

I think that it takes a special person to be an exceptional Realtor. I think that Pamela St. Peter is just such a Realtor. She listens and heeds the needs of her clients. Her team supports her endeavors and provides her with up to date quality information.

We moved to Raleigh / Durham from Virginia. We didn’t know anyone. Our lives were put in Pamela’s hands through the recommendation of a corporate relocation located in Dallas, TX. Our house search lasted for 5 days. Pamela never gave up; she guided us from house to house, neighborhood to neighborhood. We found the right house, the right school for our son, the right location close enough to RDU yet tucked away in quiet surroundings.

I’m grateful, thankful and would not hesitate to recommend Pamela St. Peter.


Lee I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your assistance regarding the sale of our home.

As you know, our home had been on the market for 6 months prior to your services with another agency. We had no offers during such time. It was quite depressing and very unsettling.
When I inquired about Prudential, you were the listing agent that my husband and I wanted. We noticed you had sold other properties in our neighborhood that were on the market for a very short time.

You were very knowledgeable in your area of expertise. you told us facts and never “Sugar Coated” anything. We greatly admired that! Your marketing strategies, knowledge of the market, and selling techniques were outstanding.

When closing time finally happened, we were extremely impressed on how you walked us through the process. In just 3 1/2 short months, you did what we believed would never happen… placed a ”SOLD” sign in our front yard.

I would also like to add a little bit of hidden information to those reading this letter. We were 725 miles away during this process and you werealways only a phone call away!!

Many Thanks,

Catrina & Charlie

I can’t even begin to tell you how much Bob and me appreciate your help in finding our new home. Having just moved from Wisconsin, house hunting was a daunting experience just in itself but you made it fun, comfortable and as stress-free as possible right from the start. You immediately put us at ease because of your openness and excellent knowledge of the market and area. Again, as new-comers to the area you really listened for what was important to us and focused in right away to possible matches. You were also very accommodating to our schedule and needs. Once we found our new home (which, I might add, was in only about a month’s time—much shorter than what we expected) you led the negotiations with ease and expert know-how that made us glad you were on our side. Throughout the whole process you were a stellar advocate for us, the buyers, and not hesitant in the least to speak up for our best interests. You’ll be our first call when we start thinking about our next move.

Bob and I can’t thank you enough! Now, can you help us hang some pictures?

Jeanne & Bob

We are settling in the new home and are enjoying every moment of it… And we owe you immeasurable thanks in making this dream a reality.

Since the time we’ve known you, you have helped us in each step of the home-buying process. Like I always say, you are more than a realtor to us. You are a trusted friend and a ready-source of information. And for my kids, “Pam is our best friend who always listens and makes us happy”.

Your in-depth knowledge of the market and enthusiasm and systematic style has amazed us. We did see quite a lot of homes before we liked this one and we appreciate your patience and positive attitude. Never did you put pressure on us for compromising our wish-list or likes. Whether it is providing information about the zoning of any property, proposed developments or other nearby property, you’ve always kept us up to-date with everything and that too in a prompt manner.Your skill of negotiating is evident from the fact that we bought the house for a very good price. When there were hiccups just before our closing, if you had not interfered and talked to the bank, the closing would have been postponed to the following week. And it’s again your thoughtfulness and genuine nature that you tried your best and got the closing date pre-poned from a Monday to a Friday so that we get the weekend for setting up the new home.

We will surely recommend only “you” to all our friends and family. And I will maintain this friendship with you always.
Thanks again…Good luck and our best wishes to you and your family.

Suresh & Santhy

(and from our younger clients)...

Our new house is big and we really liked it.
The bonus room is huge and we loved it!
Already 3-4 people came to say hi to us.
We enjoyed seeing houses with you.
It was really fun and interesting.
Thank you for helping us buy it.
You were a big help.
Me and Divya like to hide in the master bath and scare each other.
We have our own rooms to keep our stuff in.
My dad likes the desk (Thanks to you) a lot.

Rohith & Divya

Suresh & Santhy

Thank you so much for helping us find our new home. You made the process enjoyable for us (even when things were sticky.) We are so happy at our new location, the people, the attractions. Everything is there that we wanted. You made it happen!

Thanks again,

Britney and Andrew

Choosing a Realtor… often a complete stranger to guide you through what is most often the BIGGEST investment you’ll ever make was such a crazy concept to me. When my husband and I bought our 1st home I was a marketing professional for Corporate Prudential Carolinas Realty. We picked Lee and Pamela out of the hundreds of Realtors I know because well… they were really nice, they were always on time getting in their listing advertisements (under the unique professional circumstances I had insight… and you definitely want an organized Realtor) and it just seemed obvious that they knew what they were doing.

I’d met Lee and Pamela briefly at a big award ceremony (enough to say you guys do a great job – I appreciate not having to hound you for your advertisements and shake their hands), told my husband I had a good feeling about them, and that was it… we went with the St. Peter Team.

When I called Pamela the 1st time to ask if she’d be our Realtor, I remember rambling on about how she and I would go look at homes EVERY Friday and then we’d go back to see “the good ones” on the weekends with my husband. She asked great questions, I told her everything we wanted in a home and neighborhood and she got us all set up on a gateway to start seeing homes via e-mail that matched our criteria (loved that). Shortly after, the big day came – our 1st day home hunting.

We expected this process to take months and were feeling in it for the long haul. That 1st Saturday, Mrs. Pamela took us to see 3 homes she carefully chose… making sure it had much of the criteria we’d talked about, then Sunday morning we made an offer on the 2nd house we stepped foot in! Pamela made it SOO easy, negotiations – no problem, home inspection… well, that was a nightmare but Pamela pulled it all together to make it happen, closing – piece of cake!

Here we are 5 years later and have loved every second spent in our home. It has become an extension of us and while it’s going to be hard to leave, circumstances are changing and it’s time to move on. Our Cary, NC home goes on the market this week and who did we call to list our home… none other than the St. Peter Team.

Lee came over this afternoon, walked through the house, gave great input, showed us the comps, walked us through the home selling process, explained the ins and outs of all the paper work in front of us, and we signed everything feeling 100% confident and comfortable with the process – we go active this week.

Trusting this team in one of the biggest financial decisions of our lives is a no-brainer for us. Like our home, the St. Peter’s have become an extension of our family. Their guidance and friendship through the home buying and home selling process is absolutely invaluable. It’s easy to feel good through these transitions when you have Lee and Pamela St. Peter on your side.
Our Realtors and friends for life, we can’t thank them enough and HIGHLY recommend them to anyone and everyone buying or selling a home in or around the Triangle area of NC.

Adam and Aubrey

We are thankful to you for introducing us to our dream home. I remember we had come over for the weekend and met you. We didn’t feel like we were meeting for the first time, you were so patient and forthright with your views on every house we saw. You tried to understand what our requirements were, by asking our feedback after every house we saw and knew exactly what we wanted. Your information and tips really helped us in our search. We also remember your very detailed explanation of every single point in the contract over the phone as we were in NJ.

As we settle down in our home, we look forward to all the wonderful times ahead and the happy memories we will make in the years to come. We Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us in our search to find our first home.

Vidhya, Vinod and little Siddharth

We wanted to write to you and thank you for all your help through out the house buying process. You were extremely helpful in familiarizing us with the area which is quite new to us in a short period of time, took all of our criteria into consideration and made our home search very efficient. And we now have a beautiful home in a great location and hope to live there for a long time
Thanks again for all of your efforts to find us the best possible house!

Girija and Girish