Carolina Outdoor Lighting Professionals, Inc – a little evening elegance…

Carolina Outdoor Lighting Professionals, Inc

Carolina Outdoor Lighting Professionals, Inc is owned and operated by a long time resident of Raleigh NC – Steve Roberts.  I’m not sure how Lee found Steve but we couldn’t be more pleased. 

We have always loved walking or driving through subdivisions in our area at night taking in the some of the gorgeous lighting designs.  Nothing makes a house pop more elegantly than a well designed lighting enhancement.  So it wasn’t long after we moved into our home that we called Steve.  He offers free demos –  so we took him up on it and scheduled an evening for us to meet.  

Our first wow factor with Carolina Outdoor Lighting Professionals, Inc was when Steve shows up, sets up, and demonstrates the outdoor lighting system ON our own house!!  FREE!  Believe me he works hard setting things up to show us his suggestions as to just what should be lit and what type of lighting system he’ll use. Talk about exceeding our expectations…

Carolina Outdoor Lighting Professionals, Inc gives their clients an actual design session that as Steve says is “both visual and customized to your needs”.  I was blown away when he flipped the switch and I saw the demo – our house in lights!  It was so much fun to participate in the actual way we wanted the house to look too.  He did a fabulous job the 1st time around – but I had a request.  Since I love our crepe mytles I wondered if one of them could be highlighted on the back corner of the house.  Viola – done.  He understood exactly what I wanted!
Carolina Outdoor Lighting Professionals, Inc
But Steve doesn’t stop there.  He carefully explained to us the products he uses and why.  Carolina Outdoor Lighting Professionals, Inc chooses to use high quality, high value, low voltage systems which consume less electricity.  At first I thought it was just a sales pitch because he isn’t the least expensive around…  but were we ever wrong. 

Carolina Outdoor Lighting Professionals, Inc


We also learned that by using a lighting control system and controlling when these low voltage lights are on only helps in saving electricity.



Here’s a look at our finished design by Steve of Carolina Outdoor Lighting Professionals, Inc!

Carolina Outdoor Lighting Professionals, Inc
So if you are considering enhancing your home with elegant outdoor lighting I recommend you call Carolina Outdoor Lighting Professionals, Inc (919) 523-0561 first! Want more info – you’ll find more info on their website
But remember there’s a lot more that you could do with lighting around your home…  take a look at some of the other designs that Carolina Outdoor Lighting Professionals, Inc has worked to accomplish!  Not that we plan on moving any time soon – but don’t you agree this would definitely set you apart from the competition!

                                 Carolina Outdoor Lighting Professionals, Inc  Carolina Outdoor Lighting Professionals, Inc
                                        photos compliments of Carolina Outdoor Lighting Professionals, Inc

Oh – I forgot to mention we’ve enjoyed our lighting system from Carolina Outdoor Lighting Professionals, Inc for a couple of years now.  We had ONE hiccup with the timer which Steve walked us through IMMEDIATELY when we went into daylight saving time.  And we have NOT had to replace ONE bulb.   How’s that for quality?


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Coquette Resturant in North Hills Mall Raleigh NC – A true French brasserie in Midtown!

Coquette in Raleigh NC

CoquetteCoquette in Raleigh NC
4351 The Circle at North Hills
Raleigh, NC 27609







This week after our Continuing Education class a group of us all got together for lunch at the neatest restaurant here in Raleigh NC.  Coquette Resturant in North Hills Mall in Raleigh, NC.  There’s nothing to complain about with this little gem.  It’s got it’s own sassy personality very comparable to the regions in France to which they base their menus.

Coquette in Raleigh NC

      Coquette in Raleigh NC 


We enjoyed the private room for our Glenwood Gang lunch after our CE class with Bill Gallagher.  This room is a great place for private parties at Coquette Resturant in Raleigh NC



Owned by Kevin & Stacey Jennings of the Urban food group I shouldn’t have been surprised to find it so chic.  After having experienced their other gems in and around Raleigh – Tuscan inspired Vivace’s, & urban chic Porter’s City Tavern.  They also own Frazier’s on Hillsborough Street in Raleigh.

The Jennings arrived in Raleigh in 1998 bringing with them a whacking amount of hospitality experience they had garnered in well-know bistros and resort dining from other parts of  the Southeast.

    Coquette in Raleigh NC      Coquette in Raleigh NC      Coquette in Raleigh NC

Coquette Resturant in Raleigh NC change their menu to reflect different regions in France about every 6 weeks.  You’ll experience tastes from regions like Languedoc (south west France), or when we were there last week it was French Basque.  I heard that coming up next will be Provence.  Offering dining experiences that are parallel to our weather and seasonal foods offered here.  Pair this exciting menu with an extensive French wine list available by the bottle or glass – and you have a match made in heaven…

Chef Rob Bland and his 2 sous chefs trained in France and have been with Croquette Resturant in Raleigh NC since it’s opening.  And since his family and Stacey’s are from France you’ll see old family photos that adore the decor at Croquette’s.  So next time you’ll looking for someplace neat – whether for a luncheon treat, a dining experience, or a just to meet a friend at a chic  French Brasserie style bar – make your way over to Midtown mall’s – Coquette Resturant in Raleigh, NC

Here’s when you can enjoy Coquette’s:


Sun 10:00 a.m.3:00 p.m.


Mon – Sat  11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.




Mon – Thu 5:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m

Fri – Sat 5:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m

Sun 5:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m


Barry’s Cafe 2851 Jones Franklin Rd. Raleigh North Carolina 27606

Barry's Cafe 2851 Jones Franklin Rd. Raleigh North Carolina


Barry’s Cafe

2851 Jones Franklin Rd.

Swift Creek Shopping Center

Raleigh, North Carolina 27606

(919) 859-3555



Barry’s Cafe is famous in our neck of the woods, but I got to thinking with so many new people moving into Raleigh and Cary NC it’s time spread the word online about Barry’s Cafe at 2851 Jones Franklin Rd located in Barry's Cafe 2851 Jones Franklin Rd. Raleigh North CarolinaRaleigh NC. 

There’s a very interesting story behind just how it became famous – but before we dive into that I have to tell you that if you happen to be in the mood for one of the best burgers ever – you’ll be real glad you gave Barry’s Cafe a try! 

Ok – so back to the story. Owned by Barry Doyle, this unique resturant is tucked back in the Swift Creek Shopping center just off Tryon & Jones Franklin Road in Raleigh

Barry's Cafe 2851 Jones Franklin Rd. Raleigh North Carolina



Barry’s Cafe which opened its doors around 1992 in a way was just like many other new restaurants – long hours and hard work filled the first few years for Barry. 





But all that changed when a surprised ice storm hit Raleigh in January 1994.  A tracker trailer hit a dump truck that was spreading sand causing a massive collision and pile up on I-40. The firefighters and 1st responders spent hours in the freezing cold attending to the injured and clearing the debris to get the road reopened. 

Cold and and hungry after nearly 7 hours they needed help – but how would anyone be able to reach them in the freezing ice storm.  As fate would have it someone knew that Barry had a 4 wheel drive truck so they called and asked if he could help.  Without hesitation Barry answered that call in a very unselfish way (you’ll learn more if you’ll watch the video below produced by the National Restaurant Association).


Barry's Cafe 2851 Jones Franklin Rd. Raleigh North Carolina    Barry's Cafe 2851 Jones Franklin Rd. Raleigh North Carolina    Barry's Cafe 2851 Jones Franklin Rd. Raleigh North Carolina

One thing’s for sure – Barry’s Cafe has a life of it’s own which becomes very apparent as you enter it’s doors and find yourself surrounded by a collection of “Fire Stuff”.  What’s that you ask?   Take a look at these pictures!  The walls are covered with firefighter plaques, uniforms, and memorablia from all 50 states. It’s dedicated to those that are out there risking their lives for us every day – the Firefighters of America!

Barry's Cafe 2851 Jones Franklin Rd. Raleigh North Carolina


Barry hasn’t stopped answering the call for help.  He’s gone on to become the Founder and Station 1 of  the

Feed the Firefighters Foundation. 

And there’s more… Barry’s Cafe is committed to supplying all emergency food and drink to all of the 59 Fire Stations in Wake County – AT NO CHARGE!



Here’s a way to add a flare to your next casual outside catered event – check out this firetruck! Fully equipped with a grill and a sound system guaranteed to please young and old alike making your event one that will be enjoyed and remember for a long time!

Barry's Cafe 2851 Jones Franklin Rd. Raleigh North Carolina

Barry's Cafe 2851 Jones Franklin Rd. Raleigh North Carolina    Barry's Cafe 2851 Jones Franklin Rd. Raleigh North Carolina


The world needs more people like Barry Doyle… 

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Wednesday 7:00am – 2:00pm

Thursday – Saturday 7:00am – 8:30pm

Breakfast: 7:00 – 11:00am    Lunch & Dinner 11am – 8:30pm

Sunday (Breakfast Only) 8:00am – 1:00pm



Crash – Boom – BA!!


Yep it happened – something we all dread.  Something we know we have to prepare for – but do we?  For me it didn’t happen all at once – it came slowly… painfully slow…

my laptopMy beloved laptop – we’d been together for almost 5 years.  Long time in computer years and I knew I’d have to face a day without my friend.  But I was in denial.  Telling myself that it happens to others – not us.  We’ve done right together – laptop and Realtor. We’d helped hundreds of folks find a new life here in Raleigh, NC.  Millions of property searches have filtered from our labor.  Plus we held many a closings together through trillions of emails…  But in the end – it happened


I started that fateful morning as usual – it was May 9th.  I took Barney out for his morning walk – he sniffed every blade of grass he could and I hurried him along to get to work.  Once inside I grabbed my coffee and headed into my office – pushed the button to turn on my long time trusted laptop and


oh-oh…  (if it’s ever happened to you) you know that sinking feeling…  a thousand thoughts flood through your brain all at once (and I hadn’t even had time to take a sip of my morning coffee)…  huh? Is the power off  – quickly check the plugs…  Has the wireless lost connection?  No – the router is blinking just fine.  Then comes the panic – when was the last time I backed up?  What have I been working on since the last back up that I might lose – and on and on…

cold coffeeSo there I was – coffee getting cold and Barney not sure why I was acting so irrational…  So I did what every non computer person does – looked up the closest computer “fix it” place and DIALED!

“Anything PC” is what I heard – and then all he heard was this crazy lady spewing why she can’t be without a computer because she’s a Realtor in Raleigh and what was she to do???   Thankfully the guys at Anything PC in Crossroads in Cary NC are wonderful.  Bring it in they said!

So I did – and I was a very lucky puppy!  It was only the VGA/Screen that had gone this time – Jeff there hooked it up to a monitor and voila all my stuff was not lost!  So home I trekked – found an old monitor the size of a bathtub – I was back in business.  I did however back up as Jeff instructed and felt pretty comfortable….
Siesta Keys, FL
And that’s how I worked for almost a month…  I knew I’d have to do something eventually but we took off for a few days for a vacation in FL with friends, and well – you know it was working fine this way – my office looked funny but it worked.

NOW you’d think that after the initial fear of loosing all my data/work that I had a few short weeks earlier that I would have continued to backup over that month right?  WRONG…  and guess what?  Uh huh – it died again! June 6th – this time I just headed straight for Anything PC.  Once there Jeff gave me the not so lucky puppy news…  He thought it was the battery pack that got zapped but couldn’t tell for sure…  but since I had one of those behemoth Inspiron there wasn’t another anywhere in town to be found to even at least test it and make sure it wasn’t the hard drive.  He’d have to order one – no problem I said – no problem until I learned it had to come on a boat from China…  now I was really starting to panic. A Realtor selling homes in the Triangle can not be without a computer for a week.

So we bit the bullet and Lee ordered me a brand new made to order PC.  Since I was sure I didn’t want to get involved with Vista we decided to try Vision Computers.  Choose, pick, create what every you want.  And the price was good too.  So I waited and waited for what seemed like eternity waiting for my new computer to come in!

Then finally it arrived.  Lee got it all loaded up for me on our anniversary – June 16th…  Sweet of him.

My new computerI started the following morning moving in.  You know – setting your preferences the way you want them – getting used to the new BIG  screen.  It was pretty neat – until all of a sudden – THE BLUE SCREEN.  Now you may be wondering why I didn’t consider an Apple?  I would have except it seems like all real estate related software and add-ons are not compatible with a mac.  drats.

So from there I spent the next week on line with Vision’s tech support.  Which was very attentive and quick I might add (thanks to Raul, Brandon, Simon and the rest of the great guys there).  Turned out it was a defective memory chip – they sent a replacement.

All I can say is thanks for reading – and do me a favor ok?  Run a back up tonight before turning in…  for me.