School Supplies Wake County – Helping Kids Be Kids with the Supplies They Need to Achieve


Helping Kids Be Kids with the School Supplies They Need to Achieve


 School Supply Lists in Wake County, NC

As all the Back to School Savings fliers would suggest… it’s that time of year again!  Ah yes ~ Wake County schools are starting and it’s time to start collecting all those school supplies from “the list”.

Collecting school supplies from the school supply list means different things to different families.  For some it’s an exciting bonding time with the kids picking out cool colored pencils and markers, but for many it brings concern about where the expensive supplies are going to come from. 

Particularly right now, lots of people around the U.S. are struggling.  If you’re either in GUARDIAN AD LITEM BACKPACK PROJECTneed of school supplies or if you’d like to help out, a few organizations around the Triangle have school supply drives going on right now. 

We were proud to be apart of the Friends of the Guardian ad Litem Program again this year at Prudential YSU Realty.   Our North Hills office provided backpacks filled with school supplies for 40 children in need.  Being able to help made us all smile.

While there are many local drives going on right now in Wake County, NC, as a starting point there’s one sponsored by Wake County First In Families, and another by Communities in Schools of North Carolina (partnered with Walmart), as well as a number of drives from local churches.

Do you know of others? We’d love to hear about them and help get the word out.  

We also recently wrote about school bus safety in Wake County, NC.  Have a topic you’d like to read about? Let us know that too!


Raleigh Farmers Market – things sure are ‘peachy’ around here!

Raleigh Farmers Market – things sure are ‘peachy’ around here!


Raleigh Farmers MarketIt was off to the Raleigh Farmers market for us over the week-end.  Lee was getting his annual craving for peaches!  And it’s that time of the year around here…  From about the first of June through most of August, NC peaches are ‘in season’ and summer just wouldn’t be the same without the sweet taste of NC peaches!  

OR corn… or watermelon, or okra, or tomatoes….  

We love the Raleigh Farmers Market…   It’s one of five farmers markets owned by the State of NC.  It’s operated by the the NC department of agriculture and consumer services.  The five markets are strategically placed across our beautiful state to allow our farmers, whether large or small, an outlet to sell their produce.  

We missed the peach day festivities, which was on the 14th.  That would have Raleigh Farmers Marketbeen fun as there was free peach ice creams for tasting, recipes and other information; even the NC Peach Queen made an appearance.

But let me tell you there were peaches to be had yesterday!  Lee’s faves turned out to be what they call ‘white peaches’.  They don’t have that tan/pinkish color inside – so I guess you could say they’re white…  but my or my they are sweet!

There’s something going almost every month at the NC Raleigh Farmers Market.  For a complete list of events you can download an event schedule.  I sure hope we don’t miss the Watermelon day on August 4th!

So if you’re visiting Raleigh and want to get in on some tasty treats stop by our Raleigh Farmers Market located at 1201 Agriculture St. – Raleigh, North Carolina 27603

NC Peaches

Now for breakfast – nothing could be finer!!


Hours Of Operation;     Monday thru Saturday 5:00am – 6:00pm

Sundays 8:00am – 6:00pm

Come enjoy a walk with me through the Raleigh Farmers market!

♬ Oh there ain’t no bugs on me.

Don’t you just love that commercial??  


♬ Oh there ain’t no bugs on me. There ain’t no bugs on me. ♪ There may be bugs on some of you mugs. But there ain’t no bugs on me …♫




Ok, sorry.  But that little pup singing that song always makes me smile.  However I wasn’t smiling as this year there seemed to bugs all over the INSIDE of our house.  There were ants everywhere!!!  Those itty bitty little annoying ones that seem to have become immunized to anything I tried!

So what’s a person to do?  Call the Pest Consultants of course!  So that’s exactly what we did.  We’ve been recommending Pest &; Termite Consultants here in the Triangle to all our clients for their pest inspection on their property prior to closing…  We do so because they are really good.  They take care of the pest inspection needed to be completed prior to the due diligence period here in the Triangle.

So come along and take a look at just why now I’m able to sing out…  Oh there ain’t no bugs on me.  🙂




What would I do with a $220 in savings this year – I’d pass it along to Hospice of Wake County

What would I do with a $220 in savings this year – I’d pass it along to Hospice of Wake County

Kodak and ActiveRain have come up with yet another challenge for us.  This times it’s to help spread the word about Kodak and how they have made strides in the quality and cost of their printers and inks..

So what’s that got to do with a $220 savings you probably are asking?  Here’s the rest of the story…

According to the tests that were done using Kodak ink it was decided that the average Real Estate agent would save about $220 year in printing costs…  Well I don’t like to consider the St. Peter HomeSelling Team average but for the sake of this post I’ll concede that we could save over $220 in a year.

What I learned and liked about Kodak ink is that it’s water resistant AND fade resistant which makes it much more user friendly for those brochure boxes…

Wake County Hospice

You may have read in a couple of previous posts that I am very grateful for how Hospice of Wake County helped my family through an end of life stage with someone very dear to me.

So it didn’t take me long to decide what I would do with an extra $220…  it would go to the wonderful people of the new hospice facility in Raleigh – the Dunlap Center Hospice campus.



With that $220 they would be able to purchase the Kodak ESP office 6150 for $129.99 PLUS have $100 extra to buy ink or office supplies as they needed.  I believe there’s even a 20% savings offer that they could use… KODAK ESP Office 6150 All-in-One Printer

We were able to help raise a tidy amount for them during the Step Lively FUNdraiser walk a couple weeks ago but it’s projected that they will need around $340,000 for this year alone for those needing palliative care.  And I want to help.

So thank you ActiveRain and Kodak for an opportunity to bring attention to their needs and give me a chance to enter to win something for Hospice of Wake County…



DISCLAIMER: This post is for the ActiveRain ‘I could save $220 with Kodak Contest”. I have a chance to win a free Kodak Printer, $220 in cash to use for the idea in my blog post, and an extra $100 to use toward ink!.”



Step Lively ~ A walk for Hospice of Wake County was a success!

On November 6th there were a core of kind folks who braved the cold and rain and walked to raise money for the new Hospice of Wake County’s free standing facility – Dunlap Center.  There were over 500 people who registered but the rain certainly kept some from heading to the walk.

But even the rain couldn’t dampen the success of the event!  I’ve not read a final count, but there was over $40,000 raised before the event.  Hopefully that number has increased as the money collected rolls in.

Step Lively: A Walk for Hospice

I thought it would be fun to show you just how that FUNdraiser walk turned out… And to say thanks to everyone, especially my colleagues at Prudential YSU Realty who walked and/or donated funds – we were known as the High Steppers!

photo courtesy of Charity Peterson

Step Lively ~ A walk for Hospice of Wake County

Step Lively ~ A walk for Hospice of Wake County
The best part about being a blogger is being able to share information about things that really matter in our lives.  This blog is dedicated to a very special man in my life who was my uncle and a special place that needs our help here in the Triangle ~ Hospice of Wake County.

My Uncle was a very quiet man.  Always had been.  But he was always there. For his family, his friends and his beloved church.  I grew up with him in my life when we all lived in the Midwest.  He was there I’m sure for every single birthday party, holiday, fun time or sad I had growing up. 

You see, his Mom and my Grandfather were brothers and sister.  Not sure how all that stuff works and what the technical term on how we’re related… I just know I love him and right now miss him very much – this man I call my uncle.

So how’s all this tied together?

Here’s the rest of the story…

In my uncle’s final stage of life, his family called on Wake County Hospice.  Of course I’d heard about how great hospice is, most of us have.  But I’d never really experienced how really great they are until August of this year.

When it came time to need Hospice of Wake County was there – first at his home – and then when needed he was taken to the new Dunlap center in Raleigh NC.  A place that has more compassion for human life than any place I’ve ever been before.  A place that is as understanding as humanly possible about the emotions and needs of everyone at this time.  A place that when it came time to say goodby – made it feel ok.  Not forced – not rushed – but ok.

Wake County Hospice
Hospice of Wake County has been providing compassionate end of life care since 1979.  But today they have the only facility of its kind in our area. The newly opened Dunlap Center
A free standing hospice facility for those that need inpatient care.  The Dunlap Center Hospice campus is 19,000 square and employees 200 professional care givers and support staff and is supported by some 300 volunteers.
Today there are 14 acute care beds and six residential beds. 
The rooms are bright and large enough to accommodate overnight stays if a family members wishes not to leave.  Each room has its own private bath and opens onto a semi-private patio.  Nothing in the room feels cold or “hospitalish” at all.  There are areas set aside for family members to go and be together including what I called the sunroom, as well as a wonderful fully equipped kitchen and dining area.

We all know it takes funds to ensure that these valuable services continue to be available to everyone who needs them.  It costs around $150 a day to care for just one patient at the Dunlap Center.  In 2010 the cost of benevolent care in the Dunlap Center is projected to reach $341,000.  Let’s all help make sure those funds are there for patients that will need them this year!

We can help!

Our office (Prudential YSU) has formed a team of walkers!  Please join me on November 6th in supporting my office –
Your invited to join our team OR form your own!!!
Wake County Hospice

Registration fees:

$30 for individual walkers or team members; $20 for youth walkers 12 and under. The fee includes a long-sleeved t-shirt . Registration fees are not refundable, transferable or tax-deductible. Preregistration is strongly encouraged.* Youth walkers 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Step Lively Map


at the Wade Office Park

(across from RBC Center)
Festivities from 9am until 2pm.


You can reach Hospice of Wake County using one of the following ways:

Phone: 919-828-0890 or 888-900-3959
Mail: 250 Hospice Circle, Raleigh, NC 27607
More on the new Dunlap Center and Hospice of Wake County ~ see just how Hospice of Wake County campus looks and feels!

Safe Haven Pasta FUNdraiser! A no kill shelter in Raleigh NC needs your support…

fund raiser for Safe Haven

Safe Haven no-kill shelter for Cats is having a PASTA FUNDRAISER to raise money for their shelter

life should be comfy!
Not being a cat person myself I turned to a dear friend of mine who is… when I called to ask her about Safe Haven in Raleigh NC she told me she had just accompanied a friend of hers there to pick out a cat.  She raved about the conditions at Safe Haven and said it was a such a joy to go there and adopt a cat or kitten.  Especially knowing that you’re giving one of these little ones a second chance!

There’s a lovely waiting area where you are greeted by very personable volunteers. 

Once you head to the back you’ll find it filled with natural light and the crates are all very clean and comfortable for their guests staying there.  They even offer you time to interact with your chosen pet as there’s an area to get to know them better.  An area where you can interact/play with the cat/kitten your thinking of adopting. 

My dear friend Diane didn’t know about their fundraiser so I thought it might be fun to pass this along to all you cat lovers out there!  She was kind enough to share her Nacho & Geinevre’s picture perrrrrfect photos with me..


great gifts for the holidays!

Pasta Fundraiser



Now through November 10, 2010 Safe Haven in N. Raleigh is selling pasta!  And let’s be honest – who doesn’t love pasta?? 

These  bags come in different shapes and sizes and sell between $6.50 to $7.50. 

So start thinking about how you can use these great bags of pasta in your favorite soups, stews, or sauces!





great gifts for the holidays!



With the holidays right around the corner they’d make great gifts too.  Think about how much your friends and family would enjoy receiving a gift like this that gives twice!  I love that they have Tar Heel and Wolfpack pasta!  Fun!   Or how about a bag of Girlfriend pasta?  What could be simplier?  You can order online right now


SAFE Haven gets 40% of the proceeds. So make that gift list for everyone you need to think of a unique gift for..   or buy some pasta online for yourselft!





Samples shown below:

Please e-mail the shelter to receive a selling kit


Wake County Rescue EMS Fund

wake med ambulance service



Wake County Rescue EMS Fund

(wake ambulance service)


There’s a special offer for all Wake County residents that circulates about this time of the year… 


It’s the Wake County Rescue EMS Fund.  Now here’s something you won’t want to miss!

Whether you are living in Raleigh, Cary, or even Knightdale; are new to Wake County or have lived here for years, this offer can’t be beat… 

Unfortunately emergencies happenAnd when those life emergencies pop up what’s the first thing we do? 

We call 9-1-1 of course.  But that can be very pricey as Lee and I found out once – a couple thousand dollars pricey.  What we didn’t know then was that most insurers don’t cover an ambulance ride.  I don’t know about you but I don’t want lack of funds to cause anyone to hesitate calling for help when needed.


So what’s a person to do when they find themselves in one of these emergencies? 

If you are wake ambulance serviceone of the lucky residents in Wake County that joined the Wake County Rescue EMS fund and ambulance service you’re covered. 

You and everyone living with you at your home!  For just $60 a year.  That’s all – $60 a year covers you AND all permanent residents of your household for as long as you are a member for as many times as needed!!!

Want more good news?  All the money garnered by these subscriptions goes to Wake EMS or the rescue squad serving where you live; thus ensuring continued emergency medical care right in your neighborhood.

Emergencies happen ~ so don’t wait ~ join today…  And please be sure to spread the word…  Let’s see that we all get coverage in case one of those emergencies strikes, and at the same time support our Wake County Rescue EMSIt’s a win-win!

Safelite AutoGlass came to ME at my place in Raleigh NC – and I loved it!


Safelite AutoGlass

Have you ever had a small stone thrown into your windshield and you get that bullet looking hole?  Well I did – a good while back.  But I just never did anything about it – I didn’t have time to take the car in the shop and have to handle all the hassle of waiting, or worse leaving my car.



Well you can imagine how happy I was when Lee advised me that he was going to handle it for me and it wouldn’t involve me going and sitting around a repair shop.  They were coming to ME!  Since they are online – he just filled out the appointment request.  Got a price quote and everything.

Hmmmm  now that was interesting…  so just how was someone going to come to me and fix this hole in my windshield? 





Enter Safelite AutoGlass!  You may have seen their trucks around because they service all 50 states including us home owners here in Raleigh NC.  I was impressed with their service from the beginning.  Lee made the appointment online and was advised they’d be out between 8-5 pm the next day.  Well it got to be about noon and I had things to do so I called them – they have an 800 number.  The guy that answered had ALL my info just from my phone number.  I didn’t have to go into why I was calling, where I was located or anything!  He said give me a minute and I’ll call your technician and get a better idea of when they’ll be out.  Within a minute got back to me and said he had to leave her a message but that she’d call me back.

And call me back she did within 5 minutes.  Said she was finishing up a job and would be at my place between 1:30 and 2:15.  Celia arrived at 2 pm sharp…  and here’s how it all works…

Java Jive in Cary NC – Stop in for a terrific cup of coffee and to meet Cheri!


Java Jive


Java Jive in Cary NC – stop in for a terrific cup of coffee and meet Cheri!

I’d driven right past Java Jive many times.  I just never took the time stop.  Don’t we all do that?  See some neat shop and think I really need to check that place out… 

Well it just so happened one recent morning Lee and I had opposite schedules but we needed to meet up to exchange some closing paperwork.  But we needed a place to connect.  “Let’s meet at that Java Jive place on Kildaire”  he suggested.  I’m sure glad we did.


We met for a delightful cup of coffee ~ chatted and exchanged our paperwork then Lee had to get going.

Funny coincidence, while there I even met a Rainer Nevin Williams  I learned he’s a regular and was there picking up coffee grinds and egg shells for his compost pile!   (I later learned that they pack up the coffee gounds and bag them for their regular customers at Java Jive, who just stop in and pick them up!) I thought how cool is that for recycling? 

What an adorable place I’d been driving by all this time…  I just had to learn more. So I asked the owner, Cheri, if I could come back with my cameras and if she’d mind telling me a bit more about herself and Java Jive



To say this lovely lady has coffee flowing in her veins wouldn’t be an exaggeration!  She and her family moved here from Seattle (which of course everyone knows IS the coffee capital of the world) about a decade ago.  It was her folks that actually opened the first Java Jive which is on Harrison in Cary, NC.  They actually sold that store to existing customers some time ago, and it’s still open for business today..  

Cheri bought this location from her folks just a couple of years ago.  Tucked away in a shopping center just outside the Lochmere Subdivision on Kildaire Farm Road.  There’s plenty of parking available and really easy access in and out!




But do take the time to stop in…

Inside of Java Jive you’ll find not only fabulous coffee (more on that in a minute) but the counter is teaming with fresh made from scratch baked goodies daily



Cheri is in the store baking every morning at 4 AM! 

And every one of her delectable creations gets named (so be sure to ask for your choice by its proper name)!






While there I had the pleasure of chatting with a few of her regulars…  I learned that it’s not JUST the delicious coffee and fresh baked goods that keeps them coming back – it’s Cheri!  “She’s always in a good mood!!” 

What a testimonial on good service!






I asked Cheri what motives her to get up every morning before most of us have even turned over and she says it’s the people.  She’s always giving back to her people and the community too. 

The store is filled with local artists works.  You’ll find great gift ideas; jewelry, books, even chocolates all for sale.  Java Jive opens its doors for local artist to showcase and sell their works…  and I couldn’t believe when I learned she doesn’t charge them a cent.  



Larry's Beans at Java Jive



Now for that coffee – her bean of choice?  Larry’s Beans.  100% Fair Trade coffee and Larry is her brother!  I told you there was coffee in their veins! That’s the secret behind those fabulous coffee creations too!







Something Cheri does each year brings a smile to her pretty face and a gleam in her eye…  I thought it best you hear it from her…  Meet Cheri!



So next time you’re in the area (or do yourself a favor and make it a destination point) stop in for a treat ~ you’re sure to find more than one!

Java Jive store hours:

Mon – Thur 6:30 AM – 7 PM

Friday nights till 6 PM

Week-ends 7:30 – 6 PM

2425 Kildaire Farm Rd

Cary, NC

(919) 816-8888