Got Freezing Pipes?

frozen water pipesIt’s been a brisk month here in Raleigh, North Carolina with temperatures dipping into the 20’s and teens late into the evening.

Experienced homeowners know there are some key factors to consider in pipe preparation, and duties to perform before going to bed on a cold night.  How do experienced homeowners know what to do?  Unfortunately it’s often because we’ve suffered the consequences… and have vowed never to make those same mistakes twice.

Waking up after a frigid night with no hot water (or water at all) is an inconvenience at best, and is often costly.

So, let’s start with emergency situations…

Frozen Pipes

How do I know if my home water pipes are frozen?

If temperatures are below 32° F and your faucets are turned to open… but you’re only getting a trickle of water (or nothing), there is a good chance you have a frozen pipe.  If only one or the other of hot/cold flows this is another indication.  Frozen pipes often occur in crawl spaces, against exterior walls, and where water connects through the foundation.

What should I do if I have frozen water pipes?

If your residential water pipes are frozen – keep your faucets open.  As ice begins to melt, any flowing water that can get through will help to melt ice within the pipe.

Warm your pipes with an electric hair dryer in the areas most susceptible to freezing (crawlspaces, exterior walls, and around the foundation).  The American Red Cross offers additional ideas on how to warm pipes.  Applying heat to the right locations will help thaw the pipe to restore full water pressure.

Look out for cracks and burst pipes!  Water pipes tend to crack down the long side of a pipe.  If your pipes are still frozen you may not be aware yet that your pipe has a crack.  As the ice in a burst or cracked pipe thaws and flow is restored, water will find the point of least resistance and you could have a real mess on your hands.

What should I do if I have a crack or break in my water pipe?

If you see or suspect a cracked pipe:

  • 1st:  Go to the main shut-off valve and turn off the water.
  • 2nd:  Leave the faucets on to relieve pressure.
  • 3rd:  Call a licensed plumber.

How do I keep my water pipes from freezing?

We have our fingers crossed that you’re just researching preventative information and are not in an emergency situation.  If this is the case – congratulations!  We hope you’ll never have to experience cracked pipes.

Experts recommend avoiding frozen pipes by:Prevent water pipes from freezing

  • Insulating exposed pipes by wrapping or by using insulation sleeves.
  • Caulking any cracks and holes near your water pipes around the foundation and outside walls.
  • Allow water to flow from each valve at a slow trickle through faucets, bathtubs and showers that have pipes connected through an unheated space.
  • Keeping under sink cabinet doors open (kitchens, bathrooms and possibly the laundry room or bar area).  This allows warm air to circulate around the pipes.

* If you’re going on vacation and your home will be vacant during a cold period, consider draining the water system to avoid water damage caused by cracked pipes.

I need an expert, who should I call?

If you’re in the Triangle area of North Carolina, we work with and recommend licensed plumbers with Cary Plumbing.  We’ve experienced exceptional customer service and quality work with them.  We hope this helps.

If you’re considering buying or selling a home in or around Wake County we’d love an opportunity to talk with you.  It is our goal to be our clients #1 resource for all things home buying and selling in the Triangle.

Stay warm out there!

Wake County Farmers Markets

Wake County Farmers Markets

Did you know there are 12 Farmers Markets in Wake County?  Depending on your location in Wake County, residents have a number of great and convenient options to choose from.

Wake County Farmers Markets

Below is a list of links to conveniently find the locations and specialties of each farmers market… pick the closest or try out a few.  Supporting local farmers is good for the economy, good for the environment, and good for people!

Apex Farmers MarketFresh Ingredients from Wake County Farmers Markets

Cary Farmers Markets

Fuquay Varina Farmers Market

Holly Springs Farmers Market

Raleigh Farmers Markets

Wake Forest Farmers Market

Wendell Farmers Market

Support NC Farmers: Wake County Farmers MarketsThe typical season for Wake County farmers markets run April through November, though each of the above may vary slightly.  We LOVE our farmers markets and frequent them often.  If you’re interested, check out some of our past blogs with videos and descriptions of some past visits.

Back In The Day Cafe – New Restaurant in Cary NC!

Back In The Day Cafe in Cary, NC

I love watching as new establishments sneak in and set up shop in our suburbs.  Some of them we might drive by for a while and not even notice they are there.  Well that’s what happened to me at one of Cary, NC’s newest restaurants… Back In The Day Cafe.  Haven’t been yet?  Don’t let the name throw you off – it’s nothing like a cafe.  It’s a full fledged restaurant with a back in the day theme of the 1970’s and 80’s.

The Vibe

ATARI! Back In The Day CafeWalking in literally creates a time-warp, OK not literally but figuratively!  Entering the restaurant, if you’re like me, you’ll be  pleasantly surprised at the ambiance.  As you’re being escorted to your table your eye is sure to glance over at the kids (maybe more often adults) game area where you’ll find your choice of hit ’70’s and ’80’s board games, PLUS Pac-Man and, a blast from the past a TV with working ATARI (you are reading this right!).

Teddy RuxpinTaking in all the visual stimulation is enough to make you grin from ear to ear.  Featuring ’70’s and ’80’s themed posters, rollers skates and a working Teddy Ruxpin! Our delightful waitress, Shay, said she’s not allowed to play with it.

* Rest assured that appropriately the one thing that doesn’t go with the time-period is the free Wi-Fi they offer.

Evening Events

Adding to what makes the Back in the Day Cafe a throwback to the 70’s and ’80’s is their big screen TV hanging over the bar (viewable by most of the restaurant).  The owners keep a stock of DVD’s on hand to host live concerts on the big screen on certain evenings.  They have some really oldies but goodies – Tom Jones, Engelbert Humperdinck…  Well you get the idea.

Big Screen TV over Bar: Back In The Day Cafe

The schedule of shows and events are flexible depending on the crowd or if there’s a special event (for example it was Rod Stewart’s birthday recently so they celebrated with a Rod Stewart concert on the big screen).  Other examples of some of their shows include Elton John, Barry White, and Motown.

Want more?  How about Rock ‘n’ Roll Bingo, Tuesday Trivia Nights, and Wednesday Wine Evenings (house wines for $4/glass).

How is the Food?

Ahhh, the Back In The Day Cafe food!  WOW, let me start by addressing the word “cafe”.  Don’t be fooled into thinking this is a coffee and muffins type place only open for breakfast and lunch.

Hours are:  9 AM – 9 PM Sun. – Thurs. and 9AM – 2 AM (yes – late) on Fri. and Sat.

The menu is delicious… I haven’t tried everything but I plan to frequent here enough to eventually be able to say I have.  The food is amazing.  Everything is homemade – from the ketchup and salad dressings to the potato fries and onion straws that are all hand-cut in-house.  If burgers are your thing you can feel comfortable ordering medium-rare and up because they ground the beef in-house.

What Can I Personally Recommend?

I had the unplugged veggie wrap with grilled portabella, roasted garlic, red peppers, goat cheese, cucumbers, lettuce, sun-dried pesto, with side mixed green salad and citrus dressing.  My lunch guest enjoyed the special for the day; the chicken feta spinach wrap with sprouts, and some of those home made french fries.  Delicious does not say enough about how good that was.

Chef Leonard from Boston brings incredible culinary talent – I can’t wait to try his New England Clam Chowder… this soup sounds heavenly and will undoubtedly be one of the many dishes that bring patrons from all over the Triangle to the Back In The Day Cafe.

Want a better feel for Back In The Day Cafe?  Check out our short video for a visual of some of the deliciousness and the great atmosphere offered:

OK I Want To Try It!  Where Do I Go?

Head over to 3470-162 Kildaire Farm Road in Cary, NC  27518 to the Millpond Village Shopping Center on the corner of Ten-Ten Road.  Questions? You can reach the Back In The Day Cafe gang at 919-267-6389 or visit their website and like them on facebook at

For more pics click our gallery below:


Is “Laugh More” On Your New Year Resolutions List?

Goodnight's Comedy Club - Raleigh, NC

In need of a good laugh?  2012 was a tough year for many.  While a good laugh may only heal what ails you for a quick moment in time, it’s hard to dispute that laughter in deed does a body/spirit/soul some good.

Where do people go for a laugh in Raleigh, NC?  Well… to the Goodnights Comedy Club in downtown Raleigh of course!

Location of this laugh factory:

861 West Morgan Street  Raleigh, NC 27603

How to get in touch with them:

919-828-LAFF or via their website at

What you expect when you go:  Hilariousness… plain and simple.  Specials run all the time, their Fajita-Margarita night, while we haven’t personally been yet, is said to be famously perfect way to spend a Wednesday evening and their special events frequently include famous head-liners known for hilariousness around the nation.

Only some of the upcoming highlights include:  Drew Carey, Marc Maron, Tim Meadows, Jimmy Shubert, Ari Shaffir, Jake Johannsen, Mitch Fatel, Tom Arnold, Ralphie May, Jeff Dye, Lahna Turner, Tom Papa, Big A, Chris Franjola and so much more.

Concerned some showtimes conflict with dinner time?  Not a problem!  Food and drinks are delicious and the choices are plentiful.  Want to know more?  Check out the Goodnights Comedy Club website.

Gyms and Fitness Clubs in the Raleigh, Cary area of Wake County, NC

Gyms and Fitness Clubs in the Raleigh, Cary area of Wake County, NC

Gyms and Fitness Clubs in Raleigh, Cary and Wake County, NCWhether your motivation to get fit stems from a New Year’s Resolution you’re still motivated by (share some of that motivation please!); seeing extra pounds on the scale; hopes of feeling good in a bathing suit; or wanting to be active with your new grandkids, a healthy life style is at the top of many of our to-do lists.

Who’s ready to help us with our goals? The local gyms and fitness health clubs of course!

The advertisements nudging our (already existing) guilt for indulging in the deliciousness around us is rampant, preying on our weaknesses and instilling hope for a leaner more toned self.

Now I don’t think the marketers of these fitness places have bad intentions… just opportunitists hoping to lure us in with their candy (sorry for the metaphor) to increase the chances they’ll be the ones to greet us at the door and lead us down the long hallway to being a healthier version of ourselves.

Contrary to how it sounds, I actually appreciate their chivalrous courting.  Why not be enticed to be healthier… they make it look fun!

As I narrow down the options to find my personal path to a healthier me, I thought I’d compile and share a list of gyms and health clubs in the Raleigh and Cary areas of Wake County (of varying prices and methodology) to consider.

Gyms and Fitness Clubs in Raleigh, Cary and Wake County, NC

If I’ve learned anything… beyond the brand, price, amenities and deals offered, choosing a location that is in a close and convenient to you or your work will (if you’re like me) weigh heavily on the decision to actually go everyday.

Best of luck with your get fit goals!  If you find something wonderful that works for you – please share!  Motivation and enticement is much appreciated!

Have a favorite we didn’t mention?  Let us know, we’ll update our directory.


We hope to see you out and about in Wake County, NC!

Cary, NC Real Estate Market – February 2012 Recap & Chelsea’s Balloons!

 Chelsea's Balloons!  Raleigh, NC Balloon Artist
Before jumping into the Cary, NC market report, I wanted to give a quick “shout-out” to the talented Chelsea, Balloon Artist and owner of Chelsea’s Balloons!  While enjoying a lovely breakfast out this morning, we watched Ms. Chelsea create the cartoon character “Road Runner” from balloons.  A few moments later she popped to another table and made an incredibly impressive panda on a palm tree! 
Raleigh is full of young entreprenuers just like Chelsea who are using their talents to brighten people’s day.  If you have a moment, head on over and “like” the Chelsea’s Balloons facebook page to show support.  Have an upcoming event and think you might need The Best Balloon Animals Around!?  I know someone who can help!

Cary NC Real Estate Market Report

If you are planning on relocating to Cary, NC to take advantage of all that this wonderful area has to offer, are a current Cary residents, or are thinking about selling your home in Cary NC, this market report includes helpful information about what’s going on right now in the Cary NC real estate market.
Our market report offers a good overview of how detached homes for sale in Cary, NC performed during the month of February.

The pie chart on the left breaks down the number of detached homes in Cary that were active, newly active, went under contract or closed last month.



The table below shows the break down of the detached homes for sale in Cary NC that went newly active in the Cary Real Estate Market in February:

Cary NC Real Estate Market Report

Take a sneak peak at all the new homes for sale in Cary NC in February (in alphabetical order by subdivisions).  If you’d like a more customized search, you can save a search outlining your unique home needs and get FREE e-mails with only homes for sale in the Triangle that match YOUR criteria.

Active Detached homes for sale in Cary NC last month
Cary NC Real Estate Market Report
If you’re considering moving to Cary, NC or even if you’re planning on selling a home in Cary, NC, it’s important to have the right information.
*When you’re ready to see homes for sale in Cary, NC and the Triangle area, or are ready to list your Cary area home contact us, we are here to help every step of the way.
Detached homes in Cary, NC that went under contract (or pending) last month

Cary NC Real Estate Market Report

Cary Detached homes that SOLD during the month of February
Cary NC Real Estate Market Report

For quick comparisonK:  54 listings closed in February 2010 and last month 80 closed in 2012!

If you’ve been considering a move to Cary, NC, would like more information on selling a home in Cary, or would simply like to discuss your Wake County real estate needs call or e-mail me.  I’d love to chat!

*Any reference to TMLS data is based on information
from Triangle MLS, which neither guarantees nor is in any way
responsible for its accuracy. All data is provided ‘AS IS’ and with all
faults. Data maintained by Triangle MLS may not reflect all real estate
activity in the market.

Shopping in Wake County, North Carolina

With the giving season upon us, Wake County residents are hitting up the local shops, plazas and malls searching for the perfect gifts for loved ones.

If you’re new to the Triangle area, are just visiting, or are looking for some new favorite shopping locations in and around Wake County, bookmark this list where we’ve outlined all of the areas major shopping locations conveniently in one place.

Arranged by location and alphabetically (as not to be partial to our favorites), presenting (drum-roll please)…

Where to Shop in Wake County

The links direct to the list of stores included at each location so that you can find your favorites quickly and be on your way.  The largest 10 Wake County shopping locations include the approximate number of stores.

Shopping in CaryRaleigh Shopping

Shopping in Durham

Shopping in Garner

Shopping in Morrisville

Shopping in Raleigh

Shopping in Smithfield

If you’d like, check out this list of Triangle Boutiques and see down the left column “shop by location”.

Did we miss somewhere?  Let us know and we’ll update our directory.

Happy Shopping!

What can you expect to find at the NC Farmer’s Market?

Smells Great, Tastes Delicious and the View is Always Colorful!

FALL… the cooler temps, the fall colored leaves (we’re getting there on the the changing leaves thing), football, plenty of Triangle events to get you outside, and then there’s those funny fall TV shows! I‘m not sure there is anything I don’t love about this season, but as you all know:

One of our favorite things to do on the weekends in the fall is visit the Farmers Markets.

In season right now in North Carolina are some of out favorite fruits (can you say delicious apples for some home made apple pies?!), veggies and spices… arugula, basil, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, collard greens (well not one of Lee’s faves), cucumbers, parsnips, tomatoes, winter squash and who could forget PUMPKINS!

We had such another great time this past week-end…  as we always do.  Here’s this week’s update on our NC Farmer’s Market ~ yet another fun time!

No Need to Miss the Arts & Crafts from Cancelled Cary Lazy Daze Festival!

Cary Lazy Daze Arts & Crafts Festival Goes Virtual!

It’s been an emotional roller coaster with the Cary Lazy Daze Arts & Crafts festival.  We initially wrote to get the word out about the event, and then to get the word out about the cancellation of the event due to Hurricane Irene.  NOW we’re writing about the event going Virtual!

As it turns out, we DON’T have to miss out on all the great arts & crafts – Lazy Daze has gone virtual with an on-line store!

Virtual - Cary Lazy Daze festival

Open through the end of September, shop for the unique local arts & crafts that would’ve been available at the event.  As much as we LOVE the excitement of the bustling streets of downtown Cary, NC during the event… chatting with the vendors, and meeting new people; shopping but from the comfort of your own home (and in your PJ’s if you like) has it’s perks too. 


With your choice of candles, leathers, soaps, drawings, paintings, floral, furniture, sculpture, photography and many many more options – the virtual store is definitely worth a look, this stuff makes terrific gifts too!

For more information visit

Next year’s Cary Lazy Daze Arts & Crafts festival is set for August 25th, 2012! 

Is it strange how excited I am already for an event that’s still a year away?  In the meantime… going to check out the virtual lazy daze store! 


See you for Cary Lazy Daze… 2012!

A Diamond in the Diamonds – Chatham Hill Winery

 A Diamond in the (…well) Diamonds – Chatham Hill Winery

Yeah, Yeah, I know the saying goes A Diamond in the Rough, but I’m writing today about a winery in Cary, NC… the town of Cary itself is a Diamond so rough doesn’t apply.

Chatham Hill Winery, Cary NC

I’d heard about the winery from Dick Betts some time ago, and couldn’t imagine that WE had one here.  But lo and behold, located amongst businesses and tucked in an unassuming office building is North Carolina’s first Urban Winery.  Don’t let the outside (though lovely… it’s not what you’d expect when imagining walking up to a winery) discourage you from the fantastic time to be had inside.

For a mere $8 during the week or $10 on the weekend you can experience the aroma and flavor, sampling the many delicious wines – sure to please even the most discerning pallets, as well as a guided tour where you’ll see the where and how the wine is made.

We discovered walk-ins are welcome with open arms, but would suggest checking out the Chatham Hill Wine website first to view, choose and take advantage of the many events offered.

  So if you think you might want to check it out, give me a call – I’d love to join you!