The sound of your own voice – is your voice up to par?

Some time back I wrote about the sound of your own voice.  It was a few years ago but I thought with the seeing tools like SoundCloud show up on Google Plus you might find some of the TIPtorial handy…

So may I share some thoughts on not just recording on Google Plus, but in other aspects of your business as well…

With all activity we have on social networking sites tweeting, writing on walls, even getting LinkedIn there will come a time when you will have to actually speak with someone. Are you ready?

What’s your voice sound like?  Confident and calming – or agitated and gruff?

When was the last time you worked on your voice?  Does it sound funny to you to work on your voice?  Well actually, like learning about the social etiquette and networking online you can also learn how to use your voice to attract and even keep your listeners

The first thing I used to recommend was to go out and buy a good ol’ tape recorder.  I recommended getting one of those small hand held ones that you can keep in the car with you to record those random thoughts that seem to get lost once back in the office.  I’ve used one for years!  But today with our smart phones, Dragon, and now CloudSound you can just use your smartphone.  The vehicle doesn’t matter as long as you can record your voice.  And don’t panic if you’ve never done this before.  I’ve had people I was coaching actually freak out at the sound of their voice…

Start by recording your side of a few conversation, perhaps while doing your prospecting.  Not only will this help you get better on your phone calls – it’ll also help you achieve a sound that you like.  No need to sound breathless and between the sheets but do remember to breathe correctly.  Even taking time to work on those strategic pauses… (more on that another time).

It’s becoming even more important to work on your voice now that videos are ever so popular – even using tools like will require you to use your voice in getting your points across.  I think people are more apt to excuse poor video quality but NOT sound quality!  Funny because as you start to work on your voice you’ll start to REALLY notice the annoying ones!  Their message may be delicious but their delivery is distasteful.

Practice makes perfect – or at least better.  Here’s an exercise to do if you’re serious about wanting to improve your vocals…  think about your experiences when you are on the phone with someone.  How did  they answer the phone?  With a monotone sound and as if they’ve just lost their dog?  Or do they answer with a great big smile that you can hear all the way through the telephone line?

Then reflect on how you perceived that person.  It was proven a long time ago that the perception one has of you just via your voice – remains with them EVEN AFTER they have met you in person.  Interesting – think about that for a moment.  If you were that person that comes across gruff, agitated, or worse even boring over the phone – you may have a hard time shaking that impression of yourself in others.

We can take this one step further too.  What’s your recorded voice message sound like to others on your answering machine?

I know it was all the rage to tell everyone just how busy you are and when you’ll be returning calls.  But the honest truth is that’s not what your caller wants to hear.  They are calling YOU NOW and want to know WHEN YOU will be calling them back.  You do return phone calls don’t you?

How about when you are leaving a voice message for someone else?  Do you make sure you state the purpose of your call?


Now about that voice answering machine message you need to work on…  Here are 3 points to remember

  • SMILE as you record
  • TELL them who they’ve reached and are about to leave a message for (don’t you hate when you get an answering machine WITH no name??)
  • KEEP it short – let them know you’ll call them back promptly (and UGH please don’t say at YOUR earliest convenience!  I can’t believe people actually say that!!!)

So the next lucky person to call you – hopefully will hear that great big smile coming through loud and clear!  Look forward to chatting with you both online and off!