News and accolades for Raleigh, Cary, Wake County and the Triangle area North Carolina

Are we really the 5th fastest growing area in the nation? Raleigh NC

This mornings News and Observer article (the Raleigh area paper) has had my phone ringing today…  did I hear the news?  Not having read the article I went online to find the article causing such a clatter.  Here’s what they reported:

“According to census numbers released today, the Raleigh-Cary metropolitan area, which includes Wake, Johnston and Franklin counties, grew by 4.3 percent from July 2007 to July 2008, and is now home to close to 1.1 million people. It well outpaced its closest rival, the Austin, Texas, area, which grew by 3.8 percent. The national average was just under 1 percent.”

Interesting article. It goes on to report some not so stellar facts but that’s not my point of concern here.  I’m not sure where the staff writer Ms. Kristen got her info but I quess that’s why she’s a reporter and I’m not. 

However the article and stats reported above caused me to raise an eybrow…  For you see when someone refers to the Raleigh-Cary metropolitan area (which is really in Wake county by the way) how can they include Johnston and Franklin counties in the stats?  Now I know that Wake county has grown exponentially over the past so I wanted to gather some facts for those interested in just what Wake County has done.

So off to the U.S. Census bureau I went to gather some info for myself.  Here’s what I found:

People QuickFacts

Wake County

North Carolina


Population, 2007 estimate




Population, percent change, April 1, 2000 to July 1, 2007




Population, 2000




Persons under 5 years old, percent, 2007




Persons under 18 years old, percent, 2007




Persons 65 years old and over, percent, 2007




Female persons, percent, 2007




I then went straight to the horses mouth so to speak – I scurried over to the Wake County web site to get their statistics for our county’s growth and here’s what I found they report;

Wake County Population Statistics:
2008 Forecasted population: 868,121
2009 Forecasted population: 902,152
2010 Forecasted population: 933,727
2011 Forecasted population: 961,739
2006 Population density: 950 people/sq. mile****
2006 Median age: 34.6 years*

Wake County Newcomers Projection:
2008: 97 (Per Day)
2009: 93 (Per Day)
2010: 87 (Per Day)

* 2007 U.S. Census Bureau
** Wake County Planning Department
**** NC State Demographers

So there’s my finding to those who are interested in exactly what the Raleigh & Cary in the Wake County area are doing.

#1 Best place to call Home! Raleigh NC! nothing could be finer…

accolades for Raleigh NCLiving in the Raleigh area keeps getting better and better – but don’t just take our word for it!  Here’s the newest accolades we’ve received this year…

  • #1 Best Place to Live in the U.S.  MSNBC June 2008
  • #1 Best Place for Business and Careers – March 2008
  • #1 Best Place for Young Adults – Bizjournals, May 2008
  • #1 healthiest City for Men – Men’s health, January 2008
  • #2 Best City to Live, Work, & Play– Kiplinger’s July 2008
  • #2 Best city for Bargain House-Hunters –, February 2008
  • #3 Most Wired City – January 2008
  • #3 Most Educated Work force –  Business Facilities, July 2008

There’s a lot going on in the Triangle – to find out more just call or email us for your free relocation package. 

Connecting you to the Triangle,

Your Raleigh Realtors


Raleigh NC – one terrific place to be in Real Estate

I thought one of the first things I need to write about is Raleigh NC…  or the Triangle as it’s often called.  Since our moving here over 12 years ago we’ve seen a lot changes.  As a Realtor – we’ve seen a lot of potential!  It’s not hard to see why once you start to look around and read all of the articles, accolades etc bestowed on this area.  In Wake County alone some 60-90 people a day move here.  We’ve started listing subdivisions on our website to give visitors a better feel for what they can expect around the Triangle.

I want to share with you some highlights of the 2007 recognitions we’ve collected…

Presenting 2007 Triangle Accolades!

  • # 1 Best Place (Raleigh) for Business & Careers Forbes, April 5, 2007
  • # 1 Best Cities for Jobs (Raleigh-Cary MSA) Forbes, February 16, 2007
  • # 1 Top Home Sellers’ Market (Raleigh) Forbes, June 22, 2007
  • # 3 Medium Market Best City (Raleigh-Cary) for Relocating Families Primacy, October 25, 2007
  • # 3 Small Market Best City (Durham) for Relocating Families Bert Sperling’s BestPlaces, 2007
  • # 3 Overall Quality of Life Mid-Sized Metros (Raleigh-Cary) Expansion Management’s 2007 Quality of   Life Quotient, May/June 2007
  • # 3 of America’s Best Jobs in the Hottest Markets (Raleigh-Durham, NC), April 26, 2007
  • # 3 Techiest Metro (Raleigh-Cary, NC) Computer World, October 2, 2007
  • # 4 Best City (Raleigh) for Young Singles Kiplinger’s Personal Finance/Richard Florida, June 2007
  • # 6 Top Market (Raleigh) Ranked for Small Business Growth American City Business Journals, Inc., July 8, 2007
  • # 8 Top Large County (Wake) for Recruitment and Attraction National Policy Research Council, Expansion Management, May/June 2007
  • # 10 Best Performing City (Raleigh-Cary, NC) Milken Institute, September 2007
  • # 12 Best Market (Raleigh) for Female Executives and Women Business Owners, August 9, 2007
  • # 12 Most Affordable Real Estate Market (Raleigh) Forbes, August, 2, 2007

A place just couldn’t pay enough to get all that kind of free press!  It’s no wonder our market here in Raleigh NC is like no other.  And speaking of markets I’ll do some research and come back with more info on that in a bit…  in the meantime here’s an online magazine you may enjoy about Raleigh and the Triangle

In the meantime – Happy House Hunting


Raleigh makes Forbes List for Best Housing Bargains

02/21/2008 by Pamela St. Peter

Raleigh and Charlotte NC were chosen in a recent Forbes top 10 list. The list ranked the nation’s best cities for bargain hunters. The best place to get a bargain on a home is an area where there is healthy job growth and more houses available than people to buy them. The magazine went looking for markets where the damage from risky lending hasn’t been as dramatic as in some parts of the country and where employment growth can burn off an over-abundance of inventory quickly.

Raleigh was the second-ranked city, while Charlotte earned the fourth spot. The magazine says building in Raleigh got ahead of the curve but attributes its quickly expanding economy to its placement on the list. Charlotte’s ever-growing financial industry looks to take advantage of the significant unsold housing inventory there, according to the magazine.

Other cities on the list included Salt Lake City (1); Orlando (3); Phoenix (5); Seattle (6); Las Vegas (7); Jacksonville (8); Richmond (9); and Houston (10).