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How much home can you afford? Access our finance center and learn about your options. Mortgage calculators, loan programs, and refinancing options are included.

Financing Your Home Purchase

All about financing the purchase of your home.  Including the types of mortgages, typical buyer closing costs, the loan process and more.

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Home Buyer Costs

The fees associated with closing when you buy a home can add up quickly. Included we’ve covered some additional common buyer expenses incurred outside of closing:

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Mortgage Loan Programs

This is to serve as a resource, describing the main loan programs offered by HomeServices Lending, including Conventional, FHA, VA, USDA Rural Housing, Jumbo, and any Specialty Programs.

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Earnest Money

Common Q&A pertaining to earnest money. Earnest money isn’t required by law in NC, however here in the Triangle area sellers usually always require buyers to put some good faith (earnest money or due diligence fee) into the game.

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