Watering Responsibly

Cary, NC continues to be a role model to other towns on how they manage the supply of water.

No watering in Cary NC on Mondays!

Believe it or not, water does not have a never-ending supply.

Cary, NC town leadership has understood this for decades and are leaps and bounds ahead of most other towns in the United States on water management and conservation.

Remember the Wake County water crisis in 2008?  Do you know who already had a plan implemented… Cary, NC.  in 2001 Cary was the first town in North Carolina to supply reclaimed water to homes.  In 1996, Cary set a goal to reduce water demand per capita 20% by 2015.

No watering in Cary NC on Mondays!

As you would expect… even though drought and water shortage in Wake County isn’t making headline news, Cary, NC is not slacking off and continues to lead the pack in regulation and education regarding good practices on how, when, and in what quantities the town water is consumed.

Need to water your lawn in Cary, NC?  If you’re hand watering or have a drip irrigation system (a very environmentally sustainable choice!) you’re good to go.  Sprinklers or other automated devices are restricted to 3 days a week and the days you can water depend on your address. Just remember though…NEVER on Monday!

cary nc watering schedules

Keep up the great work Cary, NC!

For more information and your Cary, NC watering schedule visit the TownofCary.org

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