Home Sellers: Don’t be caught making these real estate mistakes

Avoid Real Estate Mistakes and Get Your Home SOLD
Avoid these home selling real estate mistakes to get your home sold quickly, and for a price you feel good about.  As Realtors with over a decade of experience, we know what it takes to get a home sold as well as the prep that’s necessary to buy a home.  For home sellers in Wake County, knowing some basic tips in advance can make a world of difference for your upcoming home transaction.

When Selling Your Home:

Provide easy access for showings

  • 8 am – 8 pm is usually best.  Not setting restrictions up front and a willingness to be flexible with prospective buyers might mean the difference between selling in 2 weeks versus sitting on the market for an extended period.

Don’t be home during the showings

  • Buyers meeting sellers during a showing is an uncomfortable situation.  Allow prospective home buyers to see themselves living in your home, to sit on the furniture (if they want), to open closets, cabinets and the fridge.  If you’re home the buyers will feel they’re invading your privacy, and may be too distracted by your presence to really get a feel for your home.
  • Just like you, it’s best if your pets aren’t home either.  Every one’s different… a client told me once if the buyers don’t like dogs I don’t want them buying my home anyway.  While I understand the sentiment, limiting your buyer pool is not going to help you move on.

No really personalized renovations

Neutral is always a good way to go when thinking about colors and decor before selling your home in and around Wake County.  This is an over the top example but let’s just say you, the seller, LOVES sharks… the Discovery Channel’s shark week is your favorite week of the year and in honor of your passion you renovated your front entrance to look like you’re walking into a huge shark’s mouth.  You love it, your friends and family say “YES – LOVE it” but really… do you think this is going to help your chances of selling when the time comes?

Whether it’s a shark mouth entrance, your favorite purple polka-dot carpet or the very specific tile mosaic that reminds you of your childhood trip to the Disney theme parks, extreme personalization that requires a sledge hammer (or a lot of expense) is better to avoid when possible.

Personalization’s are what make your home yours but when your home is for sale, taking down a huge framed shark poster, or painting over a cartoon mural is a better alternative to having your home under construction.  For more information check out our home seller guide to color.

Don’t pick the wrong agent 

  • Choose the Right Realtor® to Market and Sell Your HomeWhen you meet – treat it like a job interview.
  • A friend of a friend may not be right for you.
  • Meeting at the Realtors office is a good idea.  See where they work, how organized they are, etc.
  • Ask a lot of questions.
  • Ask about the marketing strategy for your home – make sure there is a comprehensive online marketing plan to get your home sold, statistics show over 80% of homes bought were found online.
  • Choose someone you feel comfortable with, trust, someone who is knowledgeable about the area and has a list of references they’re willing to share with you.

Just remember, when your home is on the market… it’s not your own. Though it is not always convenient, living in a well staged (check out home staging tips for ideas), clean and organized home while it’s listed on the real estate market will get you a quicker sale and in the long run be well worth the trouble.

Comparative Market Analysis

Wondering what your home is worth in today’s real estate market?  We offer a free, no obligation CMA (comparative market analysis) for home owners living in the Triangle who are planning to sell.  Get your home’s approximate value in today’s market.


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