Happy Earth Day 2012! Celebrating the 42nd Anniversary of Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day 2012!
Celebrating the 42nd Anniversary of Earth Day!!!

Happy happy Earth Day everyone!  Celebrations are going on around America in the form of festivals, tree plantings, litter pick-ups, electronic and paper recycling events, and more, so we wanted to take a moment to join in!  People everywhere are doing more and more to lessen the impact we have on the planet, finding a better balance for how we consume resources.  We want our great great great grandkids to have clean drinking water, good soil to grow foods, and breathe fresh air too! 

Whether it’s by composting, recycling, reusing, reducing, rainwater harvesting, using renewable energy, sustainable purchasing, using more energy efficient cars or appliances, or others (as there are MANY others), using, disposing and replenishing smartly are a big part of what it means to be sustainable.

If you haven’t already incorporated sustainable habits into your every day life, TODAY, Earth Day, is the perfect day to start!

A while ago we wrote about Being Green in Everyday Life which has some great easy, inexpensive ways to work good habits into daily routines (if you’re looking for a place to start).  

My favorite definition of environmental sustainability is: meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.  How do you define it?

Are you doing anything special to celebrate Earth Day 2012?

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