Raleigh is #1 Healthiest City for Women

Raleigh Accolade: Named Healthiest City for WomenWomen’s Health Magazine named our very own Raleigh, North Carolina as the #1 Healthiest City for Women in 2012!

Now isn’t this just a delightful and interesting new accolade.. Being proclaimed as the “place with the fittest, happiest females” (wow, now that’s a winning statement wouldn’t you say!) We just can’t help but (humbly of course) brag about this.

What helped Raleigh, NC claim the coveted spot?  … in one word, prevention.  Women in Raleigh are great about getting the regular necessary screenings, and the results of those screenings have been overwhelmingly positive for local Raleigh women.

Healthy Women: Raleigh Accolade

Way to go ladies in Raleigh!

For more info about the top cities for women in 2012, here’s a convenient link to the Womens Health Magazine Article.

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