Back from a break & a heartbreak…

Back from a break… and a heartbreak.

Jess & I with Gramps in September

When was the last time you took a break?  I don’t mean a coffee or lunch break but a REAL LONG break from your daily routines?

I am back from just one of those types of breaks.  It was an accumulation of holidays, travels, and death that caused this one.  

It all started when on November 19th my Dad was rushed to the hospital in Tucson AZ after a choking episode in the dining room of their assisted living facility.   Not anything new, as at 93 years his health & strength had been failing through the year.  But it was different.

Lee and I had plans to head to a St. Peter family reunion in Cincinnati over Thanksgiving before we got the news.  But we decided we would still go .  I’m so glad we did as we thoroughly enjoy being with family.   There wasn’t much time to log in or be very active online with a house full of nieces, nephews and lots of little ones all around.  One of my nieces enjoys Twitter so we sent out a few obscure Tweets but that was the extent of our ‘online’ presence.  It was a nice break…

But then as the news of my Dad’s health began to emerge as grave, we realized that once we got back to Raleigh I would have to get to Tucson and quickly.

I was blessed in that when I got to my Dad’s bedside he was still able to communicateSunrise in Tucson a bit and we chatted about all sorts of things…  memories, my sister, even the dogs we owned when I was growing up.  He asked me where did I think he was going to go…  then for the next 8 days I spent hours on hours sitting with him at his bedside.  I cried, I prayed, and I re-evaluated things in my life.  Dad passed away peacefully on the morning of December 9th.  

I stayed with my step-Mom for a few days and then headed back to Raleigh.  But even once I was back I still couldn’t bring myself to pick up the pace I once enjoyed here in the Rain or anywhere else back online for that matter, it just didn’t feel right.

Christmas 2010

It was a much quieter, and different Christmas and New Year this year for us.  And I really did get a break that I didn’t realize I needed.   

Being away ‘on break’ really helps to put things back in their proper perspective.  

I wish you all a very Happy New Year.  Be sure to remember to take a break now and then.  And to spend time offline with those you love.

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