Are 60 candles too many for a cupcake?

Happy Birthday

Today’s my birthday…  and as I sit here sipping coffee this morning my thoughts are drifting back to just what I’ve experienced over the past 6 decades in my albeit sheltered world. And counting my blessings…

Growing up outside of Gary IN, I have seen racial equality make huge leaps and bounds…  I’ve seen woman move into the business world where we never dreamt was possible.  Is it perfect no, but it sure is better!  I’ve watched as determined people CAN change a whole country!

I’ve seen the nucleus of family & marriage change from when I was growing up.  I’ve learned that even though it’s different than how I was brought up, it’s still ok.  There’s no less love in same sex marriages, or families brought together in other ways…

I’ve seen the beauty and the beast in people.  I much prefer the beauty.

I’ve gone from party lines and phone numbers like 607R, to skype and Google voice…

I also remember growing up that homes had a lot of people living in them and only 1 bathroom.  
When I wanted to talk with my sister I’d have to walk into her room.

Dinner was always at 5 pm

Nobody ever worked on week-ends except if it was an emergency!

I won’t even go into politics...  it was a whole LOT different.  We actually rallied behind the president elect whether we voted for them or NOT.

Folks would actually just ‘stop in’ and say hi at our house.  They didn’t need to call ahead, or need an invitation.  

Things have changed.  

I think I’ve experienced something along the lines of what it must have been like during the industrial revolution.  Except my worlds changed due to this thing called the Internet.

Some good ~ some bad.  I won’t judge.  But I do believe it’s changing society.  It was slowly at first but the speed is increasing exponentially.  

I’m just grateful that I can sit here this morning sipping my coffee reflecting on what’s been in the past and dreaming of what’s coming in the future.   I’m a very lucky lady…

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