Mountains or Beach?

A question frequently discussed…  Mountains or Beach?

  • If you were going to buy a 2nd home where would it be?  … Mountains or the Beach?
  • If you could retire today where would you move? … Mountains or the Beach?
  • Where do you like to vacation?  … Mountains or the Beach?
  • Where would you buy your dream home?  … Mountains or the Beach?
  • Would you rather be stranded on an island with a great beach, or on a mountain top with a great view? (* OK… maybe this one doesn’t come up much but it’s a thought)
  • Do you prefer to walk in the sand with the ocean by your side or on a ridge with incredible views?

I’m not sure how I could answer these imponderables…  as I’m drawn to both, our stunning NC beaches and our mountains.

North Carolina Beach

What would YOU choose?

North Carolina Mountains





Actually we are pretty lucky as living in Wake County puts us smack dab in between the mountains and the beach! So we don’t have to choose!  Within 2 hours we can be walking with the sand under our feet by the ocean OR on a ridge in the gorgeous mountains of North Carolina with breath taking views.

So Mountains or Beach?  Tough decision for you too?  Raleigh, NC just might make your choice easier!

We hope to see you out and about in Wake County!

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