Replace or Improve the Windows in your Wake County Home ~ for Added Value and Savings


Replace or Improve the Windows in your Home ~ for Added Value and Savings


Looking for ways to add value to your home in Wake County, NC that will also cut energy bills?  If you have windows that need updating this is a great place to start.


Walls of window let the sun come streaming into living space

Walls of window let the sun come streaming into living space

Depending on your budget:  If your home has new windows, when it comes time to sell your home in Wake County, there is definite added value.  Depending on your budget, weigh the pros and cons of replacing your windows versus updating them. 

If you’re considering buying a home in Wake County, be sure your home inspector checks out the conditions of the windows and the thermal seals.  Old windows with broken seals can cost you money on your utility bills and you may be able to work with the sellers to obtain a credit to help offset some of that cost.

What can I do to make my windows more efficient without replacing them? 

Windows in Wake County, NC

If you’re not yet ready for the expense of buying new windows, you still have good options.

  • Seal up any gaps or holes with caulk or weather stripping.
  • Apply a window film, glaze or Low-E coating.  These applications help manage the heat transferred through the glass that add dollars to your cooling bill (and fade furniture!).  **There are a couple of different types and varieties of each available – source out your options carefully, some are more effective and blend better than others.
  • Storm windows can sometimes be added to single pane windows to add efficiency.

Check with your tax advisor as some films, glazes, Low-E coatings and storm windows are eligable for the federal residential tax credit for energy efficiency.

**You might look into having an energy auditor or replacement contractor help you determine your best option for windows.  Your choices often depend on the conditions of not only your windows but the walls that surround them.

What should I look for if I want to buy new windows?

Depending on your needs…

  • Replace the window and frame
  • Replace window in existing frame
There is 1 main guideline to keep in mind if energy efficiency is what you’re after.
Windows in Wake County, NC
It’s simple – for new windows, look for the ENERGY STAR® designation.  These windows meet a hefty criteria of efficiency standards. 
BONUS – replacement windows, skylights and doors installed on your primary residence THIS YEAR (2011) may qualify for a federal tax credit of 10% of the purchase price (unfortunately this excludes installation labor), up to $200.   On top of the tax credit… don’t forget you could also be saving hundreds of dollars in heating and cooling costs annually. 
**Check out the Energy Star windows webpage for specific information on how much you can save Windows in Wake County, NCin utility costs.


OK, I’m ready to get started, now what?  There are great local companies in the Wake County area that can evaluate and give advice based on your specific needs.  If you would like us to recommend one contact us and we are happy to help.


We hope to see you out and about in Wake County, NC

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