How are you going to observe the 10th anniversary of 911?


How are you going to observe the 10th anniversary of 911?

US flags

In less than a week the world is going to turn her eyes on us once again.  

We will spend a day remembering the events of a terror attack on our nation that happened 10 years ago.  Can it be 10 years have gone by?  Sometimes it feels like it just happened a few months ago.


All of us will reflect on where we were, our thoughts, and how our world has changed.  There will be many events planned in our communities but here’s something that we can all participate in.   

Get your flag out!

One of the events being planned (you may have gotten the email chain we will never forget 911that’s being circulated) is to get the word out across the country to everyone – home owners, apartment dwellers, business owners schools – you name it – EVERYONE to get their flag out!

The plan is that on Sunday – September 11, 2011 everyone puts US flagstheir flag out.  It’s one way for us to honor those who lost their lives on one of the most tragic days in US history.  It’s also a  way for us to show our thanks  to every person fighting at home or abroad for our freedom.

We will never forget…  and we will fly our flag of

The United States of America with pride…



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