A Diamond in the Diamonds – Chatham Hill Winery

 A Diamond in the (…well) Diamonds – Chatham Hill Winery

Yeah, Yeah, I know the saying goes A Diamond in the Rough, but I’m writing today about a winery in Cary, NC… the town of Cary itself is a Diamond so rough doesn’t apply.

Chatham Hill Winery, Cary NC

I’d heard about the winery from Dick Betts some time ago, and couldn’t imagine that WE had one here.  But lo and behold, located amongst businesses and tucked in an unassuming office building is North Carolina’s first Urban Winery.  Don’t let the outside (though lovely… it’s not what you’d expect when imagining walking up to a winery) discourage you from the fantastic time to be had inside.

For a mere $8 during the week or $10 on the weekend you can experience the aroma and flavor, sampling the many delicious wines – sure to please even the most discerning pallets, as well as a guided tour where you’ll see the where and how the wine is made.

We discovered walk-ins are welcome with open arms, but would suggest checking out the Chatham Hill Wine website first to view, choose and take advantage of the many events offered.

  So if you think you might want to check it out, give me a call – I’d love to join you!

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