Raleigh is #1 Best Place for Business in 2011!

Raleigh Grabs #1 spot on Forbes’ Best Places for Business in 2011!


Provoking a mix of emotions, we’re excited, proud, and grateful to call Raleigh, NC home!  In the midst of the all the economic turmoil, Raleigh, North Carolina ranks #1 Best Place for Business. Now this kind of news will certainly aid in the Real Estate recovery in Raleigh NC!!

Raleigh, NC Accolades


Jumping up in the ranks (last year Raleigh was ranked 3rd), Forbes credits Raleigh’s #1 standing heavily to:

  • Low cost of doing business (sited as 18% below the national average)
  • Smart labor force (42% with a college degree)
  • Had the 2nd highest migration rate in the nation over the last 5 years (Raleigh-Cary is expected to continue to grow as well!)


The industries with a strong local presence leading the pack creating a solid foundation for all Raleigh businesses are; the tech, telecommunications, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.  We’re very fortunate to attract not just one or two lucrative industries but FOUR!  Moving to Raleigh, NC?  You have a plethora of industries to choose from!

If you’d like to read more about Raleigh, NC or see other top cities, check out the full Forbes.com article here.

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