Raleigh Farmers Market – things sure are ‘peachy’ around here!

Raleigh Farmers Market – things sure are ‘peachy’ around here!


Raleigh Farmers MarketIt was off to the Raleigh Farmers market for us over the week-end.  Lee was getting his annual craving for peaches!  And it’s that time of the year around here…  From about the first of June through most of August, NC peaches are ‘in season’ and summer just wouldn’t be the same without the sweet taste of NC peaches!  

OR corn… or watermelon, or okra, or tomatoes….  

We love the Raleigh Farmers Market…   It’s one of five farmers markets owned by the State of NC.  It’s operated by the the NC department of agriculture and consumer services.  The five markets are strategically placed across our beautiful state to allow our farmers, whether large or small, an outlet to sell their produce.  

We missed the peach day festivities, which was on the 14th.  That would have Raleigh Farmers Marketbeen fun as there was free peach ice creams for tasting, recipes and other information; even the NC Peach Queen made an appearance.

But let me tell you there were peaches to be had yesterday!  Lee’s faves turned out to be what they call ‘white peaches’.  They don’t have that tan/pinkish color inside – so I guess you could say they’re white…  but my or my they are sweet!

There’s something going almost every month at the NC Raleigh Farmers Market.  For a complete list of events you can download an event schedule.  I sure hope we don’t miss the Watermelon day on August 4th!

So if you’re visiting Raleigh and want to get in on some tasty treats stop by our Raleigh Farmers Market located at 1201 Agriculture St. – Raleigh, North Carolina 27603

NC Peaches

Now for breakfast – nothing could be finer!!


Hours Of Operation;     Monday thru Saturday 5:00am – 6:00pm

Sundays 8:00am – 6:00pm

Come enjoy a walk with me through the Raleigh Farmers market!


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