#3 State BEST IN BUSINESS – North Carolina

CNBC named North Carolina #3 Best State for Business!

The anticipation was maddening as we waited for CNBC’s count down last week… we felt confident North Carolina would be high in the ranks – we were just anxious to hear how high!  


Raleigh, NC

Stepping up, North Carolina earned the number 3 spot for the Top State for Business in 2011!

North Carolina has “managed to stay competitve even during the worst fiscal crisis in generations”. – CNBC

43 metrics were used to determine the winner.  North Carolina’s best categories in the rankings were “workforce & infrastructure”, followed by “cost of doing business”.

One of the items listed under the economic profile of each state which I found interesting was the foreclosure rates for May 2011.  NC is listed as 1 per 1,584 households.  The foreclosure rates in every state are too high… “healthy foreclosure levels” (if there is such a thing) went out the window a few years ago with the economic downturn.  BUT, when comparing NC to most other top states for business, our foreclosure rate is EXTREMELY low (which is good). 

For comparison the foreclosure rate (going up the line) for:

  • State #2 (Texas):  1 per 1,074 households
  • State #1 (Virginia):  1 per 766 households  


Down the line…

  • State #4 (Georgia):  1 per 387 households
  • State #5 (Colorado):  1 per 518 households
  • State #6 (Massachusetts):  1 per 1,124 households
  • State #7 (Minnesota):  1 per 829 households
  • State #8 (Utah):  1 per 365 households
  • State #9 (Iowa):  1 per 878 households
  • State #10 (Nebraska):  1 per 2,788 households (lower foreclosure rate) 

This stability translates to a more stable housing market and should give confidence to homeowners in this great state of North Carolina.


Congratulations residents (and soon-to-be residents) of North Carolina and other top states for business!


For more information go to topstates.cnbc website.

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