Do’s & Don’t When It Comes To Your Home Mortgage Loan

What To Do (and NOT to do) When It Comes To Your Home Loan


As lending practices are tightening and loan packages are taking longer to prepare, it’s not entirely uncommon that a scheduled closing date may need pushed back a day or two due to holes or required changes in the home loan paperwork. And as an extra note ~ watch those holiday’s as they really play into when you’re going to get the keys to move in!

Do's & Don't When It Comes To Your Mortgage Loan




Right now it’s more important than ever to follow a few simple do’s and don’t to better ensure a smooth closing.



Included below are a few tips you can do as Triangle Home Buyers to avoid delaying (or even sometimes sabatoging) the timing and details of your home mortgage.


  • Continue to make all your bill payments on time or early
  • Be honest, and tell your loan officer about all debts and liabilities
  • Pay any and all medical bills and student loans on time
  • Contact your loan officer before changing jobs, quitting your job, or becoming self-employed

Don’t: ...Actually please double “don’t”

  • Close any open accounts
  • Make any big purchases before closing
  • Authorize any inquiries into your credit (don’t apply for any financing including furniture, appliances, vehicles, cell phones, boats, cable, alarm companies, charge cards, etc.)
  • Sign up with any credit repair or consolidation company
  • Incur any additional debts, including increases in credit card balances
  • Co-Sign on a loan for anyone
  • Spend money you have set aside for closing (we hope this is a more obvious one!)

If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to contact us and we are happy to put you in touch with excellent home mortgage consultants.  And believe you me, we know the best because our closings count on it!

As always it is so important to have the right resources available at the tip of your fingers when considering Wake County Real Estate.  Just let us know what we can do to help guarantee that your move will be a pleasant experience ~ Welcome to the Triangle!

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