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For Window Treatments That WOW!


Frankly… for many of us, curtains are tough to figure out.  Do I need them?  How high do I hang them?  Valence or no valence?  Do I go with a solid color or mix it up a bit?  How long do they need to be?  How thick should they be?  Will it look weird if I layer them? And on and on. 


A friend in New Jersey who bought a home recently shared this story:
  1. She spent 2 hours in the store looking before finally buying curtains
  2. Hung them
  3. Returned them to the store
Windows that WOW
… and here’s the real kicker – REPEATED THAT PROCESS 4 TIMES with 4 different sets of curtains! 
Only then to go back and purchase the 1st ones again.  Not an exagerration (that’s 4 TIMES)… hanging each one every time (her sweet husband was a little more than exhausted by the end).  I’d be willing to bet there’s more than 2 of you reading this that can relate!
Anyone who might share my friend’s frustration in the near future might consider a little Curtains 101 to hopefully save some time (AND GAS!). 
For window treatments you can be proud of… consider these tips…


  • When choosing colors and patterns use the same principal we have outlined in our Home Sellers Guide To Color:  When choosing your color palette, the colors of your curtains should coordinate with those in the room (sounds more simple than it is sometimes). 

Stick with either warm or cool tones without mixing the two. A monochromatic scheme means you’re utilizing different tones and strengths within the same color, creating a more peaceful, subtle environment. An analogous color scheme will also work, utilizing colors adjacent to each other on the color wheel.

  • Place 2 patterns and fabrics side by side that go with or nicely contrast with the room, then pull both to one side.
  • Create a functional, unique tie back out of ribbon, rope or a piece of fabric.
  • When deciding the height of your rod, consider hanging it as high as possible to raise the eye a bit and make a low ceiling seem higher.
  • Layering window treatments can help lower energy costs just like a heavier fabric can be used to act as additional insulation if you have older windows your not ready to replace.


If you’re considering selling your home in the Raleigh area, it’s important to recognize that neutral is always the way to go when preparing to put your home on the market as not to limit your potential buyer pool.

Sure hope this helps.  If you’re considering selling your home… check out these home staging tips for more ideas on how to stage your home to sell in the Triangle area of North Carolina. 

Otherwise… Happy curtain shopping!     

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